Friday, May 3, 2013

Uncomfortable Friday

Happy Friday! I can't wait to be off work for two glorious days. The forecast for the weather is sunny and upper 60's. I won't complain! Here are my high five from the week.

1. Weekend outfit. I LOVE not having to throw on a jacket as much now that the weather's getting warmer!
2. I made healthy sandwiches for lunch ALL week! It's an imitation version of Panera's Mediterranean veggie sandwich. Whole grain honey wheat bread, red pepper hummus, lettuce, cucumber, and provolone. Vegetarian and SO surprisingly filling.
3. One of my favorite quotes that's been hung around every desk I've had the past 5 years I've been working. I'm really trying to take this suggestion to heart.
4. I brought my butt to the gym twice this week which is GREAT for me considering usually it's zero times. Especially great considering I'm finally getting over being sick and didn't let that stop me.
5. Cara cara oranges + whipped cream. The whipped cream ran out after one slice, which I guess was a sign I shouldn't be eating whipped cream. In all reality, it's not THAT bad! I'm trying to work on that diet. On that note...
We've stuck to our meal plan ALL week and managed to cook healthy meals with fresh ingredients. Here's what we ate...
  • Hot dogs / Pasta salad (ok, maybe not too healthy/fresh but EASY!)
  • Gargonzola turkey burgers, brussel sprouts (much to Chris' dismay. He tried.)
  • Tacos & Homemade guacamole
  • Homemade pizza
I'm also continuing the Blog Every Day in May Challenge. Today's prompt: Things that make you uncomfortable
Do we have a while? I'll try and keep this short.
  • Public displays of affection (PDA). It's just not my thing.
  • When people talk about bodily functions or other personal, sometimes medical things in therapy sessions. I am your therapist and it does NO good to tell me about these things when they are not affecting your mental health. Talk to your DOCTOR. anyone but me.
  • When people raise their voices. It makes me squirm.
  • Parallel parking. Lived and worked in the city for 4 years, still hate it.
  • Fast food.  I can't stand the smell, look, taste of it. (Besides McDonalds fries. Because who doesn't love those?)
  • Sleeping without a fan blowing on me. Must have.
I guess a lot of things make me uncomfortable?! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I need a fan at night too and the whip cream on oranges..gotta try that..but only could be bad!

  2. I agree NOT a fan of PDA. My college has a @miamiumakeouts twitter page that cracks me up seeing all the drunk people make fools of themselves though

  3. I love the outfit!

    Seriously, not a fan of PDA either. Same goes for fast food. It depends what it is though. McDonald's? Never.

    I'm still learning to parallel park and I'm NOT enjoying it!

  4. Parallel parking is a total PITA.

    I love cucumbers on sandwiches.

    Happy Friday!

  5. Oo the sandwich sounds good, I should try that! And I hate parallel parking too, it sucks.


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