Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random Wednesday {I Took My Own Advice}

It's Wednesday!!! I'm so happy to be linking up with Shanna for Random Wednesday, as always. Her Random Wednesday post last week was like reading a blog post about myself.
After reading her post and writing this post last week, I decided that I needed to do two seemingly opposite things at the same time: not be so hard on myself and become better. I took my own advice and decided it's okay to let go of a few things. Honestly, the blog hasn't been a priority. I miss it and I miss getting comments from all of your sweet faces every day. I haven't been on social media much, and I definitely miss that too. I guess I've been trying to be more present in my life. I can't say it's been easy, because it's actually been extremely hard. I've realized a few things about myself lately, some of which I'm pretty ashamed of, that I'm trying to improve upon. I've been a terrible girlfriend, sister, daughter, and friend lately. Awful. I haven't been able to be present for anyone who needs me. I think a lot of this is due to throwing myself into my job and now trying to find that balance. I had the work-life balance for four years until my career suddenly took a detour and here I am now. It's easy to blame it on work, though. There's really no excuse. It's my fault, completely. Yes, I'm going to change it. No, it won't happen overnight and I need to be patient with myself. 
So, that's where I'm at and that's why I haven't been around these parts much lately. 

Hanging on the balcony over the weekend... it was beautiful outside! My palm plant tricks me into thinking I live somewhere tropical...

I did have a great and productive weekend and got to catch up with my college roomie yesterday for dinner. I downloaded a book on my Nook for the first time in months (that's sad) and am actually going to make a point to read. I painted my nails. Sometimes, it's the little things.

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet

Balancing everything in life is so tough. I don't know how those of you with children do it... but you deserve an award... in the form of free wine for life. Because that's what I would want.

In other news, I can't possibly wait two weeks for the Bachelor finale. I need to know now. Even though I accidentally saw a spoiler and am trying to convince myself it's wrong. I hate surprises being ruined!

Well, the week is now halfway over and I hope everyone has a great Wednesday. And if anyone has any tips for balancing life and staying sane, I'm all ears!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Wednesday {Therapy Edition}

Oh happy Wednesday.

Let's talk about something for a second. Motivation.
Something I've been lacking and desperately trying to find lately. Sometimes things can just become so overwhelming I feel like I'm digging and digging, trying to find this motivation. Through being everyone else's therapist, I've realized something. I put way too much pressure on myself. Why do I put this pressure on myself? I really have no idea. I do know that the constant pressure has been weighing me down and making it hard to find that motivation. I'm tough on myself. In therapy I teach my clients how to work towards changing their thinking pattern. It's something I've been trying to work on, myself.
I'm constantly reminding myself that it's okay to mess up.
It's okay to forget things
It's okay to be selfish sometimes. 
It's okay to eat the extra chocolate.
It's okay to buy the shoes (or the purse, or the clothes) if it makes me feel a little better.
It's okay to say "NO"
It's okay to not know what my life will look like in six months.
Not having control over some things in my life makes me feel a little "crazy" sometimes. And that's okay, too. When I feel like this, I just envision my "happy place"...the beach!

Gorgeous Puerto Rico

So, I guess today's "random" took things in a little bit of a different direction than usual. It feels really, really good to get that all out there, though. So, thanks for bearing with me. I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Family, Fun, and Food! {Weekend Recap}

Happy Monday! I don't say that sarcastically as I usually would... thankfully there's no work today which leaves another day to enjoy the weekend. This weekend has been pretty busy and fun-packed.

Saturday we went to look at some houses.... it's exciting but slightly overwhelming to think we're moving again in a month. (We just moved in October so I'm just sick of moving!) We found a couple good possibilities. My 13-year-old brother Jake came to visit Saturday-Sunday, so my other brother Zach drove down from his college to spend some sibling time together! (We're really missing Ben who lives in California!) 

We went bowling, along with Chris, and of course I bowled terribly :) We had a lot of fun and Chris thought it would be hilarious to change everyone's bowling names... guess which is mine?

We then picked up pizza and had fondue back at our place. It was so much fun! Jake and I played board games until I was so sick of him beating me. That kid is smart.
fondue dippins

Mom picked up Jake and brought me the BEST fudge from Candy Kitchen (popular around the Delmarva  beaches)

Today will be spent seeing more houses, getting things done around the apartment, and wishing the weekend would last all week. I hope you had a great one!!!
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Friday, February 15, 2013

High Five for Friday

It's finally Friday!
And... I couldn't be more excited.

1. We did the laid back Valentine's Day.... went out to Target after work, bought a fondue maker and ingredients for dessert. Best decision ever.
2. My favorite candy store (where Chris buys my Valentine's candy every year) went out of business :( That sneaky man went to downtown Annapolis to find a candy shop and came back with candy even MORE amazing than my former favorite. Brownie points were given for that and the beautiful roses. :)
3. This weekend is a 3 day weekend! Thank goodness. I NEED an extra day off and we have to start thinking about moving.... yikes. Means organizing and starting to pack the non-essentials. Dreading it but excited to move to a house and be done with apartment living!
4. My brother, Jake is visiting this weekend! I'm so excited to see him and hang out :)
5. It's a beautiful, sunny day today and I have a training in the afternoon which means I only have to be at the office in the morning. That's a win in my book.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's and has a fantastic weekend!

Linking up with Lauren!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Random Wednesday

Yay for Wednesday and its randomness. Linking up with Shanna for Random Wednesday!

This beer is A-MA-ZING. Coming from someone who wasn't a beer fan until recently, that means something. It's an Amber Lager, not a "light" beer but not dark (I just can't get on board with dark beer...ever)
Budweiser Black Crown

Having a drink after work makes the evening much more relaxing. Am I right?

I've been thinking a lot about this blog. I've had ideas floating around in my head for the past few months, but am finally going to implement some changes soon. I think. I haven't been ready yet, and I don't know what I'm waiting for... if I'm waiting for time, that's never going to happen.

Speaking of time, I'm finally adjusting to working full-time and working evenings a couple nights a week. I worked full time for 4 1/2 years before this, but had 2 work-from-home days a week, which made it seem part-time sometimes. I don't love being at work for that amount of time, but I certainly can't complain. Some days are better/worse than others, but I really like my new job.

I might have mentioned that our lease is up on March 31 and we're planning to move. Our property management company actually asked us if we would move out a month sooner. Uh, you've got to be kidding me. The answer is "NO", we cannot find a new place, pack, and move in two weeks. Are they on drugs? ...Quite possibly. This is how I feel about that.
Bet you just clicked "unfollow"
I have no clue what we're doing for Valentine's Day. Am I the only one in this situation? All I know is I have to work, will probably just feel like bumming it in my PJ's on the couch. That's romantic. Sorry, Chris. Poor guy. 

Also, Chris says I'm addicted to Social Media... Uh... if only he knew. I hardly ever tweet (still don't really understand it) and have like, 10 followers on Instagram. I'm like a baby in pull-ups when it comes to social media....still learning.

I hope everyone has a very happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February Birchbox

Happy Tuesday!
I haven't done a Birchbox recap in a while, so I thought it was about time.
Have you heard of Birchbox? It's a monthly beauty sample subscription box. Click here to sign up or for more information!
Let's look at what I got this month...

1. I think we all know what this is. Ghiradelli chocolate, Can't go wrong.
2. TIGI Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray ($20.50). This hairspray smells great and holds well, but wasn't as "flexible" as I'd like. I'd skip buying but will definitely use the sample. It did hold my curls all day!
3. theBalm cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer ($24) This is a luminizing powder which does exactly that- I used on my eyelids instead of shadow over the weekend and loved the shimmer and neutral color. It can be used on the cheekbones for a little shimmer and even claims to "concel blemishes and fine lines". Done and done. I will definitely be purchasing, but the sample's actually a decent size.
4. Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips ($14.50) This balm was created for new moms (presumably the breastfeeding ones) and has become a make-up artist favorite according to Birchbox. In case you were wondering, I did use it on my lips. Nowhere else. It was very moisturizing so I can see why it would be popular to use in other places. The balm was a little sticky and left a weird residue feeling after a while, but that eventually went away. I liked it but can't say I would buy it.
5. Juicy Couture Couture La La Perfume ($90) I love Juicy perfumes but already own a couple and just didn't care too much about this sample. It smelled fine but I don't think I'll be buying it anytime soon. I would have preferred another piece of chocolate (wouldn't you?)

Overall, I was pleased with my Birchbox! I was disappointed a few months ago but it's certainly redeemed itself. Did you get Birchbox this month? What'd you get? I want to hear about it :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update

I can't even begin to express how nice this weekend was. No stress and pure relaxation!

Friday, Chris was off work. I love these days because he always surprises me with a clean apartment when I get home from work. There's nothing better. We then went on a date to see Les Mis (finally) and PF Chang's for a late dinner. No pictures as my phone died... and I was way too hungry to even think about that! It was a fun and relaxing way to end the week. Also, Les Mis didn't make me cry at all. I was expecting waterworks from what I'd heard. Am I not human anymore?

Saturday morning was one of the best mornings I've had in months. We just relaxed... layed in bed for an hour playing Scramble, drinking coffee, and watching tv. I then let my hair air dry- this is a big deal because it takes hours and normally I can't do it because it'll freeze the moment I walk out of the door. We had nowhere to go, so I just let it dry slowly and it was amazing. I painted my nails, got some chores done, which didn't even seem like chores because it was just so nice to do whatever and just be in our apartment. (I wish we could prorate our rent based on how long we actually spend in there- if that were the case, our rent would be dirt cheap). 
Birchbox also arrived (reveal this week!) and I realized how I have a hoarding problem with my boxes.  Frizzy, air dried hair but SO happy!

Saturday night we made dinner: crabcake sandwiches plus plenty of beer and wine, cheese, and crackers. Perfect.

Crabcake sandwiches on pretzel rolls {Maryland style}, sweet potato fries and pasta
Fire Road Sauvignon Blanc {amazing}
Sunday was more relaxing, running errands, including driving by a couple possible houses to rent. Yes, we are moving again in March. No, I don't want to think about it yet.

Then there were the Grammys. I could go into fashion picks and all of that but I just can't get past Justin. 
Fashion "experts" said black and white was "in" for tonight, but this is what they were actually talking about.
Ladies of the world are thanking you, JT, for gracing us with your musical presence. I can't get enough- maybe it was because my love for you started at age (?) and I saw you twice in person... my poor dad even brought me and BFF Liz to see you at RFK stadium while you and the rest of NSYNC dropped down from the rafters on strings (No Strings Attached, anyone? obvs). I digress. Music is where you belong, Justin, and I'm so glad you are back. I'm dragging Chris to your concert and hopping on your tour bus when you announce your tour and I cannot wait already!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Did you do anything fun?

Friday, February 8, 2013

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! 
I feel like I've been a little MIA around here lately. It's been a busy week...I haven't been able to catch up on all of your blogs and hope to have a chance to do this over the weekend. Here are the highlights from the week!

1. Loving this scarf...
The subtle zebra print is fun and I love the gradient blue color.
Scarf: White House/Black Market (gift, no longer available)

2. In case you missed it, I posted a delicious, easy double chocolate chip cookie recipe! Check it out here!

3. Another one of my outfit faves from the week... Can't beat comfy and cute.

Sweater, shirt: The Limited. Pants: Express. Boots: DSW
Nail polish: None- the first time I haven't painted my nails...maybe ever? ;)

4. Another healthy, balanced meal...brought to you by Velveeta.

Don't judge, I've had to work late this week!

5. Birchbox shipped. I did a happy dance/have been obsessively tracking it, a la Leigh. You do whatcha gotta do.

I cannot WAIT for two days off work. CANNOT.WAIT.
I hope you had a great week and have a fabulous weekend!

Linking up with Lauren :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random Wednesday {A Day of Questions}

It's Wednesday and it's time to get random...
and time to ask a lot of questions. I'm linking up with Shanna for Random Wednesday!

Lately, I can't wait to get home from work so I can begin blogging. I then sit on the couch, with my laptop on my lap, and stare at the screen. Browse other blogs, pin  a gazillion things on Pinterest. Wait for The Bachelor to come on. Watch The Bachelor. Eat chocolate. Anything but actually blog. What the heck is up with this? Am I really not feeling it anymore? Am I just in a "lull"? Is it bad that all I feel like posting is recipes of sweet things? Like this one, this one, or this oneI guess it's just the normal ebb and flow of life that can also apply to blogging. Sometimes you feel motivation and sometimes you don't. I also desperately need a vacation and am so longing for Spring/Summer to come, but that's a different story.

I'm addicted to playing Scramble with friends. If I have extra time between my sessions at work I grab my phone and play away. It's totally addictive.

I'm totally loving 2 nights of The Bachelor this week. It's Tierrable. (I can't believe she is still there). I AM NOT reading spoilers this season. I've done that before and it really, well, spoils things. I love Des and Catherine. It will definitely be one of them. Who are your favorites?

Product reviews: what's your opinion? I feel like I am super picky (and slightly clueless) when it comes to this topic. I've strayed away from them for the most part but have been wondering lately- Do you only review products you have personally tried? What if you tried the product and didn't like it? Does it turn you off to see the same product reviews from many other bloggers?

Obviously there are various things floating around in my mind this week....I really can't explain it. I also wonder what it's like to have a regular brain and not one with ADD. It must be so boring ;)

I hope you're having a very happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Double Chocolate Cake Cookies

Have you had cake cookies before? 
They're cookies made from cake mix and are light, fluffy, and always have the perfect flavor. I always have cake mix on hand, so when I needed to make a quick and easy dessert to bring to family dinner, I was able to whip these up with everything in my pantry.


1 box cake mix (any flavor, obviously I used chocolate to make these "double chocolate"!)
1 cup chocolate chips
1 stick butter (softened)
2 eggs
1 tsp vegetable oil (not pictured, use more/less to consistency)

Preheat oven to 350F. Stir together cake mix, butter, eggs, and oil in medium bowl until well mixed. Add chocolate chips, mix in. Use cookie scoop or drop by spoonfuls onto baking sheet. Bake 8-10 minutes. Allow to cool on pan for 2 minutes before transferring to wire cooling rack.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update {Disconnect Edition}

I hope everyone had a great weekend and an OK Monday!
Here's the latest Weekend Update post ever. I've had no time!
This weekend, I almost completely disconnected. It wasn't completely on purpose... I reached my data limit on my phone (yeah, insane) and I didn't really have time to be online. Here's a little picture recap!
Bowling with friends/former co-workers on Friday (minus the one who was taking the pic!) <3
Saturday dinner with family/Jake wasn't amused
Chris making some type of sauce/chili/messy kitchen on Super Bowl Sunday
Double chocolate chip cake cookies/Recipe coming soon!

I spent Monday wishing it was still the weekend. Personally, I feel that Mondays should be part of the weekend. I need another day to get things done...including blog. I feel so behind! I hope you all have a great week!
Linking up with Sami and Leeann for Weekend Update


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