Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update {Disconnect Edition}

I hope everyone had a great weekend and an OK Monday!
Here's the latest Weekend Update post ever. I've had no time!
This weekend, I almost completely disconnected. It wasn't completely on purpose... I reached my data limit on my phone (yeah, insane) and I didn't really have time to be online. Here's a little picture recap!
Bowling with friends/former co-workers on Friday (minus the one who was taking the pic!) <3
Saturday dinner with family/Jake wasn't amused
Chris making some type of sauce/chili/messy kitchen on Super Bowl Sunday
Double chocolate chip cake cookies/Recipe coming soon!

I spent Monday wishing it was still the weekend. Personally, I feel that Mondays should be part of the weekend. I need another day to get things done...including blog. I feel so behind! I hope you all have a great week!
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  1. Yummo! Can't wait for that recipe--looks delish! Looks like a great weekend!

  2. Girl, how much data did you go through this month? I never get past 75%!! BUT I do love the idea of Monday being included in the weekend. Always too much to do. I love disconnecting though. It's really hard and sometimes impossible, but everyone has to do it every once in a while!!

    xoxo Amber
    Obviously Obsessed

  3. Sooo, I keep my data usage down by automatically connecting to WIFI when I'm home. Just a thought, if you have wireless.
    Also - I think we all need to disconnect more. It's healthy, and I honestly can't wait for warmer weather when I leave my phone inside and spend hours outside in the garden. It'll be a nice change! Also, I love the scentsy in the middle of Chris's mess. LoL


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