Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random Wednesday {I Took My Own Advice}

It's Wednesday!!! I'm so happy to be linking up with Shanna for Random Wednesday, as always. Her Random Wednesday post last week was like reading a blog post about myself.
After reading her post and writing this post last week, I decided that I needed to do two seemingly opposite things at the same time: not be so hard on myself and become better. I took my own advice and decided it's okay to let go of a few things. Honestly, the blog hasn't been a priority. I miss it and I miss getting comments from all of your sweet faces every day. I haven't been on social media much, and I definitely miss that too. I guess I've been trying to be more present in my life. I can't say it's been easy, because it's actually been extremely hard. I've realized a few things about myself lately, some of which I'm pretty ashamed of, that I'm trying to improve upon. I've been a terrible girlfriend, sister, daughter, and friend lately. Awful. I haven't been able to be present for anyone who needs me. I think a lot of this is due to throwing myself into my job and now trying to find that balance. I had the work-life balance for four years until my career suddenly took a detour and here I am now. It's easy to blame it on work, though. There's really no excuse. It's my fault, completely. Yes, I'm going to change it. No, it won't happen overnight and I need to be patient with myself. 
So, that's where I'm at and that's why I haven't been around these parts much lately. 

Hanging on the balcony over the weekend... it was beautiful outside! My palm plant tricks me into thinking I live somewhere tropical...

I did have a great and productive weekend and got to catch up with my college roomie yesterday for dinner. I downloaded a book on my Nook for the first time in months (that's sad) and am actually going to make a point to read. I painted my nails. Sometimes, it's the little things.

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet

Balancing everything in life is so tough. I don't know how those of you with children do it... but you deserve an award... in the form of free wine for life. Because that's what I would want.

In other news, I can't possibly wait two weeks for the Bachelor finale. I need to know now. Even though I accidentally saw a spoiler and am trying to convince myself it's wrong. I hate surprises being ruined!

Well, the week is now halfway over and I hope everyone has a great Wednesday. And if anyone has any tips for balancing life and staying sane, I'm all ears!


  1. LOVEEEE your nail color!! I think I need to do mine mint next time!

  2. Balance is so hard. My husband had a major accident this weekend, and I'm going to be forced into letting go of my blog a little bit and cutting back on posts. Every time something changes, it requires a need to rebalance!

  3. Awe, sweet girl, we both need to stop beating ourselves up. At least we recognized it and are trying to improve. And remember you are not alone. Chin up!!!

  4. I NEED that nail polish! Perfection!

  5. Oh my gosh, I LITERALLY just painted my nails almost the exact same color last night before even reading this post! How funny! Finding a balance is takes so much effort, but you can do it girl. The hardest part is realizing you've gotta make a change in the first place.


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