Thursday, May 2, 2013

Something I Know About

She's blogging 2 days in a row? Are we on the right blog?
I know. This is why I love Jenni's Blog Every Day in May Challenge. It's exactly what I need to get back in the saddle of blogging.

Today's prompt is "Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)"

Uhhh, what? I feel like I'm always learning things. What's something I know a lot about? I guess I'll put my therapist hat on. Let's talk about something called "coping skills"

Coping skills? What are those? Basically, they're the things you can do to deal with tough things that come up in life. Things that help you feel better, calm you down, and help you deal with situations. It's a pretty simple concept, but one that people have such a difficult time with (myself included). They can really be applied to any aspect of life, whether it's depression, anxiety, or if you're just having a bad day or feel a little stressed.

What are some useful coping skills?
  • Breathing exercises. Breathe in 5 seconds, hold 5 seconds, let out 7 seconds. 
  • Write. Write it all down. Whatever's going on, whatever you're thinking, whatever is bothering you. I keep a little journal with me for this purpose. It helps.
  • Talk. Reach out to someone. Anyone.
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Exercise. "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't." -Legally Blonde :)
These are clearly just a few. Like I said before, it seems simple, but it's really hard to remember to do these things for yourself. I actually keep a list of things that work for me so that when I'm feeling overwhelmed, I don't even have to think- I can just pick something off the list. It really helps.
I also like to close my eyes and pretend I'm at the beach. Seriously!
So, next time you're feeling a little overwhelmed, try one of these! I bet you'll feel a little better.


  1. I need to do these every now and then!!!

  2. Visiting from the Story of My Life link up! As silly as it sounds, I have to remind myself to stop and breathe when I get overwhelmed. Breathe, and relax! Thanks for the reminders :)

  3. Wow this sounds like a great idea! I think I'm gonna do it!

  4. This is great advice, especially since we experience so many stressors in our day to day life. I think a lot of times we naturally do coping without realizing it, but sometimes there are just really over-burdensome things that we need a little bit more help with. My coping skill is just to sleep it off! haha then I usually forget :)Thanks for sharing!!

    Sunny with a side of…
    PS. Found you through The May challenge link :)

  5. nice entry. THanks. Found you in the challenge list.

  6. Great advice!! Those are all things that definitely help me when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

  7. Very good advice that I may need to come back to every once in a while! (I pinned this post so I can!) So excited to be your newest follower because your blog is so adorable. And this challenge is what I needed to get back in the blogging saddle too!

    Courtney @ Little Miss MBA


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