Friday, May 24, 2013

Flaws and Craving Vitamin D

Thankfully it's Friday before a long weekend. The week has actually flown by... I feel like with school ending soon time is just flying. I work at schools a couple days a week and have to say I'm really going to miss that during the summer! Well, I won't miss getting up super early. At all. Here are my favorite five things from the week...
1. Cute new shirt from Loft Outlet. Hello sale going on right now! I haven't shopped for clothes in months and although I went in looking for black capris (found some!) I couldn't resist this top, and another in a different color, for only $12.99 each!
2. We had cheese fondue and homemade beer the other night. Chris started brewing beer and this is the first batch. I proudly admit that we store the beer in the guest bathroom tub. Redneck beer brewing? {The joys of apartment living}
3. Gorgeous stargazer lillies from the grocery store, of all places! These are my all-time favorite flowers. They smell amazing. I WILL use these flowers in my wedding.
4. We purchased a bike rack and picked up our bikes from our parents' houses over the weekend. We've been riding a couple times and are looking forward to going on longer rides over the weekend. BWI airport has a 12 mile loop path and I'm excited to get my butt in biking shape {literally. it's a good butt workout}
5. This is not good for my butt.... but who cares? Chris' Spaghetti Pie. It was ready when I came home from work the other day. Yum yum yum.

Now for today's challenge... My 3 worst traits. Easy.
- I take on other peoples' problems. This is something I'm really working on lately. Clients, family, friends, I take it all on as my burden. It's okay to a point, because I guess that means I care. However, it's terrible for my well-being and destructive.
- I'm way too self-conscious. I worry about what others think about me. This has improved since I've gotten a little older, but it's still a flaw for sure.
- I have a terrible memory. Terrible. I don't remember anything unless I write it down. I'm horrible with names. I can have a conversation and literally forget all the important details of what was said. I think it's impacted by stress, because sometimes I can remember the most mundane details. Like peoples' dog's names, what nights my favorite tv shows are on, and where my favorite stores in the mall are. Wait, maybe those are the important things ;)

I'm hoping to get my pale self in the sun {with sunscreen} during this upcoming long weekend. I need that Vitamin D! What are you getting into this weekend? 
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  1. Home brew and Fondue!? I'm coming to your house for dinner!

  2. I mean, as long as you remember Hawkeye's name, that's all that matters ;)

  3. Fondue and homemade beer sounds amazing! I want to make a homebrew! Love your shirt too!

  4. Spaghetti pie? HOLY MOLY that sounds delicious!

    your outfit is adorbs!

  5. I'm way too self conscious too. It's annoying, actually. If you find a way of dealing with it, let me know! Have a great weekend! :)

  6. My husband doesn't get the self-conscious bit of me. At all. I get no understanding.

    And forgetful? Lordy is he forgetful. Yet still manages to remember University of Tennessee football games and plays and scores from twenty-five years ago. Not the important stuff.

  7. such a cute top! i wish i had a loft outlet by me - i love that store!


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