Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Day in the Life...

Here's an interesting prompt for today's challenge. "A Day in the Life", including pictures.
Well, I can't include many pictures of my day since it involves seeing clients all day. Every day is different for me, and I kind of make my own schedule. I work two days a week in elementary schools and three days in the mental health clinic. Two of my clinic days are evening days, so I work about 11-7 those days. It's a crazy schedule! Here's my average day on an 11-7 day...

7am: Get up. Coffee immediately. Cereal. Browse blogs, emails, watch the Today Show. Water plants, straighten apartment {one of the things I LOVE about these the mess BEFORE work!}. Work out (sometimes..if I feel like it)
I collect these mugs!
9am: Shower, get ready. Watch more Today Show while getting ready. Or CMT music videos if the tv segments are annoying that day. Make lunch.
10:40am: Leave for work. I'm lucky to have a 15 minute commute. 
11am-7pm: Clients. Sometimes 9 in a row. Sometimes clients don't show, or cancel last-minute so I have some precious time to do paperwork or make phone calls. Sometimes I only get 5 minutes for a lunch. 
7:30ish: Get home, make dinner with Chris (or in yesterday's case, order pizza)
8pm-10ish: Watch tv shows, depending on the night with Chris, sometimes watch "my" shows. Catch up on blog stuff (sometimes). Eat some form of dessert.
11pm: Crash and rest up to do it all over again in the morning.

It's not very exciting, but I love how every work day is different. I never really know what to expect. It keeps my life interesting ;)


  1. I love a long, slow morning routine to get ready for the day! I am very interested in everyone's daily routine!

  2. coffee, emails and blogging - so similar to my mornings!

  3. LOVE your nail polish in the picture! One of the things I miss these days is a slow ramp-up in the morning, it would make the rush of work easier to balance out!


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