Tuesday, May 14, 2013

And So I Baked.

Yesterday was a great day. Until a couple things happened and my good mood went spiraling downwards...only to be remedied by baking. For today's challenge, the prompt is to list "ten things that make you happy".

1. Chocolate chip cookies. I love sweets in general, but these are a fail-safe. They definitely didn't disappoint last night! And yes, my mood greatly improved after eating a few of these cookies :)

2. Sunshine.

3. Fresh flowers.

4. Wine and margaritas. Not together, unless it's a sangria swirl.

5. Country music. Any and all of it.

6. Palm trees. I belong where they are.

7. The beach. It's my "happy place"

8. Nail polish. I can't even count how many colors I've collected.

9. Animals. Specifically, giraffes. I can't explain it, I just love em.

10. Chris, my family, and friends. They make my world go round.

What makes you happy?


  1. So I just realized your blog name changed and I LOVE IT!

  2. oh, the beach always makes me happy! mother nature is being a cruel bitch right now and giving us freezing cold weather and frost alerts. it's may 14! get on with summer already!

  3. I can't argue with those. I love warm sunny days; at least I think I do (I can barely remember what they are like, now). Giraffes are cool, aren't they. I'll never forget seeing one in a zoo for the first time. It seemed so weird.

  4. Mmm cookies. What's a sangria swirl?!!

  5. Fresh flowers, nail polish, and country music are probably my top 3 favorite things about summer. Okay... year round, but since it's basically summer, I'm saying summer. ;) Nice to *meet* you!!

  6. I'm also wanting to know specifics of a sangria swirl....

  7. Baking is my favorite therapy!

    Sangria swirls are the best!!

  8. One thing I can always do to lift my spirits of paint my nails. It's a powerful thing, a fresh manicure. ;)

  9. Baking forever makes me feel better! I always bake if I'm having an off day.
    xo, Maria

  10. SUCH a fun list!! Especially that one about the beach...I would love to LIVE on the beach.


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