Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Best of Sweet Shangrila

Oh, where to begin? I've been blogging a while now and I definitely have some favorite posts to share with you for today's challenge.

Some of my favorite recipes include Cheerio Treats, Key Lime Pie, and Spice Cookies. You can't forget about my Healthy Stuffed Shells, Light Penne Alfredo, and Twice Baked Potatoes, though. 

When you're done making all those recipes, you might need to clean up the kitchen. You can use my DIY Cleaner (not only for showers!)

If you're wondering how I started, you can always check out my very first post.

If you're looking for foods with no calories, look no more.

Do you have a favorite post of mine that I didn't mention? Tell me below!


  1. I can't come up with a favorite post... But, I'm glad you put the link on this post to the Key Lime Pie. Bloglovin' doesn't have a search button to look for key words... So, I couldn't remember where I had seen this recipe!

  2. i want to eat one of those right now!!!


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