Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Living Room: Excited about the Pillows

We bought new furniture when moving to our new apartment in February. The couches didn't come with throw pillows, which was fine since the patterns are always so ugly. I FINALLY found a couple sets that I liked at Homegoods and am in throw pillow heaven. Yeah, it's the little things. Here are a few pictures of the living room space, pillows and all.

{The tan pillows are not new and don't really match. I might re-cover them at some point}

This is my "fancy pillow". I had to!

I wanted solid colors because we want to get a rug soon and I didn't want patterns to clash... but I didn't want to be totally boring. So, I found textured fabrics. I love. 

This is another favorite find- Ottoman with storage and two trays that flip over. The small ottomans in the first picture came inside this!

Decorating/furnishing has been a process, but one that I enjoy!

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