Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in Review

2012 has been a pretty big year. It had its ups and downs, and I'm so excited for 2013 in hopes that life will calm down a little bit. Here are a few highlights from the past year!

We celebrated New Year's at Chris' family's house, as we were living there at the time. Oh, blurry pictures. Too bad this is the only one I have...
Laughing about Chris' hair. It hasn't been this long in a while!
We moved! After 6 months of living at home while Chris was looking for a job, he found a job and we moved about 45 minutes East to a suburb of Baltimore.
Moving Day!
The weather got warm (warmest MD year ever!) and we got our balcony set! This was actually a very exciting moment for me- it's the little things. We also hosted an impromptu St. Patrick's Day dinner and made some pretty yummy cupcakes. Alright, maybe March was pretty uneventful.

We drove down to Annapolis to walk around one Saturday...it was a completely unplanned day, but one of the most fun days we've had together.

this is probably frowned upon.
The weather continued to get warmer and I was so excited to add flowers to our balcony. This is when I finally learned how to keep plants alive...

Celebrated Mother's Day!

My brother Ben graduated college!

Me, Ben, Jake, and Zach. My brothers = my favorite people in the world
Celebrated Father's Day with our awesome dad!

Said "bye" to Ben as he moved to California...
the most recent picture we have together from the day before he left!
Celebrated Chris' 26th birthday with plenty of cake, swimming, and family fun
Photo: Happy birthday Chris!!!

Saw my BFF, Liz, for the first time in almost a YEAR. She lives in the Keys! I miss her so much and was so glad we got to spend some time with her and her boyfriend, Ryan.

Went on an impromptu trip to Disney World with my Mom and Jake! We had such a great time.

I also got a promotion at work! This was a very exciting time for me as I worked very hard for this.

Chris and I went on a Haunted Pub Crawl in Annapolis! We had such a great and spooky time...

We also went to the Baltimore Grand Prix on Labor Day weekend.

We moved apartments after dealing with the nightmare neighbors living above us for 8 months! This was a long time coming and meant we are now able to sleep!!!
New apartment!
I switched jobs! This was a huge move after working at my previous agency for 4 1/2 years. In between jobs, I got a glorious week off and spent most of it in my pajamas. That week made such a difference for me, and was the last substantial vacation I would get in a long while! 
I really do miss my old co-workers, aka my second family! Thankful that we've been able to stay in touch as most of us have moved on in different directions with our careers <3

I turned 25 (and was sick for my entire birthday, but that's besides the point!). I got to enjoy some of the holiday fun with my guy, and made a whole lot of cookies. I also spent the month getting into the groove of my new job (in all reality, I'll be doing that for a while!)

What a roller-coaster!
It was another great year with my amazing boyfriend, Chris. We've really been through a lot together and stuck together through it all. I'm so lucky to have him.

One of the great things about this year has been building this little blog. Sometime in the Spring I started regularly posting, joining link-ups, and before I knew it I made some good friends, gained some followers and picked up a regular hobby! Blogging has allowed me to document my life and I'm so thankful for that. I didn't intend on having a lifestyle blog, I really wanted to focus on my baking and recipes. I'm so glad I opened this little space of the internet up to my life. Although it's not glamorous, it's real. And I love it. Thanks to all of you who are so supportive and "there for me"- you ladies are the best!

Happy 2013, everyone :)


  1. It looks like you had a fun year!! I bet this year will be even better!!

  2. What an amazing year! Hope 2013 is just as great.

  3. It looks like 2012 was a fabulous year! I love your photo with the statue! xo

  4. I'm so glad we both opened up our little spaces to our life!! :) Xoxo!

  5. I LOVE that picture of you and Chris from Christmas! Super cute! And that ivory top you're wearing for Mother's day? I totes have the EXACT same one in purple! Twinsies!

  6. You and your fam and life are too precious!!! I hope 2013 is as good to you as 2012!! Cheers, lady!!

  7. Happy New Year! Love the pic of y'all in front of the tree! And I laughed out loud at you standing on the statue!


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