Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday's Letters

Happy Friday, loves.
I decided to link up for Friday's Letters today...have to switch things up a little bit sometimes :)

Dear Snow, thank you so much for making an appearance this season. It's about darn time. I hear you'll be back later today which should make for a fun rush hour. I won't complain, you are pretty to look at. At least you make this temperature more bearable...

Dear former co-workers/friends, it was good to see some of you this week. I really really miss talking to you all every day!

Dear Chinese food, Thank you for warming my freezing cold tummy last night. Your fortune cookies suck, though. Chris and I got the same fortune and the cookies taste like cardboard.

Dear sweaters, I've worn you every day this week and you've kept me so toasty and warm even when it's 30 degrees in my office (not really)
Why does my front camera always take blurry pictures?
Dear impending cold or flu (let's really hope it's not the flu), please go away. You hit me like a truck last night and I really just want to see you leave before the weekend begins.

Dear flannel sheets, thank you for existing.

Dear homemade whipped cream, you were a good idea in my hot chocolate the other night. Maybe not a great idea for my waistline.

Dear weekend, thank you for arriving.. I hope you're fabulous!


  1. cute outfit! i hope you feel better! and yum - homemade whipped cream!!

  2. 1. your whipped cream looks phenomenal!!
    2. I'm jealous of your snow!! Not your 16 degrees though...
    3. cuuuuute sweaters!

  3. My front camera pictures are always blurry too! So annoying! I guess it's something with the camera - at least now I know it's not me! Happy Friday! :)

  4. Homemade whipped cream! I do that too! Except I put it in my coffee instead of hot chocolate. It melts and makes it all sweet and frothy. Oh my word.

  5. That scarf! It is adorable! I mean, I have nothing I could personally wear with it, but my goodness! I'm scarf and sweater obsessed, and I really love your combination there - so pretty!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Fortune cookies are overrated. They always taste like crap.

    Homemade whipcream? yes please.


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