Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Update

The greatest thing about this weekend is that it's not over yet! 
I'm so grateful to have today off work. This weekend was so nice and I love having an extra day to just extend the fun (or, in reality, do laundry because I've been putting that off all weekend)
Here's our weekend in pictures...

On Friday evening we found a new wine/liquor store and spent about half an hour tasting, browsing, and learning about different types of whiskey (this was Chris' doing) 

We came home and cooked spaghetti and homemade meatballs. Yum.

This wine was one of the ones we tasted... so delicious and perfect with our Italian meal!
This is what I get with an Italian boyfriend. Yum.
Pretty flowers

Saturday was our 6 year "anniversary" (of dating) which is pretty darn awesome.
We ran errands and just spent some time together, which was really nice.
The weather was like this all weekend...
Nice and sunny after so many rainy days lately
We went out to dinner... Sushi!
We "discovered" sushi together when we first started dating, so we thought it was fitting to have a sushi meal on this day.

Sunday was spent hanging out, taking a long walk in the sun, and going to the movies.
We saw Silver Linings Playbook which was amazing. I just LOVED this movie and could watch it again a million times. 
Instead of buying candy at the theater, we stopped at this candy store beforehand. Do you think there's enough selection there?!
For dinner we made homemade jumbalaya. It was SO good!

I also have a funny(ish) story. We were in Hobby Lobby over the weekend. I normally love this store, but this was the most frustrating visit. The store was a mess, the lines were SO long and I couldn't find anything I needed. I managed to pick up a few things, Chris and I were waiting in a line that just wasn't moving. I decided to pop over to another line while I still could. Trying carefully not to hit anyone with my basket (that's how packed it was), I squeezed between someone and the magazine display. My basket brushed against the magazine display, I didn't think twice, really because it didn't hit the display that hard.
Then in happened.
The whole display wobbled. Dozens of magazines went flying to the ground, on both sides of the large display. I immediately started picking them up, Chris ran over and started helping me, and so did a couple extremely nice customers. I managed to laugh it off, but I just wanted to sit there and cry! I felt ridiculous for even thinking that, it was just one of those moments that I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. So, I laughed even though I was flustered, and might have almost cried once I got to the car. Now I think it's just kind of hilarious. Only I would do that.
I was amazed, though... NONE of the Hobby Lobby employees came to help out. The cashier I ended up checking out with must have seen the whole thing and didn't say a word about it. I was pretty shocked about that. If you've ever been in this store, you know it's packed with displays all over the place- you're constantly dodging displays and people everywhere. It must happen all the time. You'd think they would arrange their store better instead of making the whole place claustrophobic and frustrating.
Anyway, I'm glad I can laugh about this now. And now I really need to get on that project I bought supplies for!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you have a wonderful week!
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  1. Oh my goodness! My stomach is growling just looking at the jambalaya & spaghetti! Looks so delish! :)

    Love your top too! You look so pretty!

    We loved Silver Linings Playbook too! Really great movie.

  2. Your necklace is so cute! Neeeeed! All of your food always looks so delish, I really do need to come visit just so I can eat with you. ;) I agree about Hobby Lobby too...that place always give me such bad anxiety, like almost comparable to Walmart which is off the charts. In all honesty though, I'm not surprised no one came to help, especially if they were super busy...but I am shocked that the cashier didn't say anything. I would have tried to make a joke or something, which may or may not have ended up making it worse. :( Haha

  3. Our Hobby Lobby is never super packed when I go. I'm not sure if I just get lucky, or they aren't doing that great, but in any case, since they have the store so full of items and give you no where to put your cart, I'm thankful. I'm glad you're able to laugh about it now, but I think I would have felt the same in the moment.
    All of that food looks so yummy!! and I love that red shirt! It looks similar to a black one that I have. Xoxo

  4. Don't you just love Hobby Lobby though?? The closest one to use is 35 minutes away, and I find excuses to go there. But, I agree--it always seems like crazytown in there!

  5. That's so weird that none of the employees came over!!! Wow!

    And this whole entire post is making me hungry. Thanks for that :) Happy 6 year anniversary!


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