Friday, January 18, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Yay for Friday.
This week seemed to crawl.
I am so exhausted, as I'm typing this now at 9pm on Thursday night, I'm wishing I could just go to bed already. But then I'd miss Grey's Anatomy... 

~Which brings me to my first bit of sunshine from the week: New Grey's! There's never anything wrong with that. Love this show so much.

~These cute lil emerald green flats from Gap Outlet! Perfect for spring, huh?
lack of lighting doesn't do these justice! (Gap Outlet, $17)

~I wrote about this earlier in the week, but Chris surprised me with a belated birthday cake so we celebrated my fake birthday! I was sick on my actual birthday. It was so sweet!

~Pizza and beer for Thursday night dinner. Sometimes it's just easier to order a $10 pizza than cook. There are obviously no pictures of this. It was over pretty quickly.

~3 day weekend coming up!!! I have no vacation days yet at my new job, and we hardly get off for any holidays, so I'm SO happy to have this day off! Also, Saturday is our 6 year anniversary. That makes me feel old. To think that "anniversary" will re-start once we actually get married is a strange thought (if that ever happens! ;) )

I hope everyone has a great weekend, whether it's a long or short one! 
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  1. Those shoes are adorable! I wish I had a GAP outlet close by! I'm sure my wallet is happy that there isn't, though.. I love, love the emerald color!

    And I definitely agree that sometimes cheap/inexpensive pizza and beer just does the trick for dinner some nights!

    Have a nice three-day weekend! I know I can't wait for an extra day :)


  2. Pizza and beer sounds super yum right now! Is that wrong since it's only 10:30 in the morning? OH well....maybe I'll pick up a frozen pizza at Safeway today....yes. That sounds good. :)

  3. I love those flats! And pizza and beer sound so good!

  4. Found you through the H54F linkup. I love those shoes!! So cute. We don't have GAP anywhere close to us here :/

  5. Bahaha! I love the "not late" bit at the end of your, literally, laugh out loud funny. Wow! 6 years is a long time! Jeff and I are creeping up on 3 and I'm getting antsy for a ring...I should be good and patient...but it's just so hard!

  6. Happy late birthday! That was very sweet to celebrate it after, since you were sick. I'm nearing my boo and I's four year anniversary and I think it's weird that its all going to start over if we get married. It's like the first five, six, seven, or whatever years don't count!? So happy to see you over on my blog. Even more excited to hop over to yours and find something I can relate too!

  7. those shoes are so cute! it's always nice to extend birthdays a little longer - especially since you were sick!

  8. That belated birthday cake looks adorable.

    I look forward to Grey's every Thursday too. Watching it with my best friend has been a tradition since the very first season.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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