Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Taming that Frizz

My hair has been a struggle since age 12... around that age it went from sort of wavy/manageable to very wavy and frizzy. I've since been able to wrangle it in, and even decided to grow it long in the past few years. Although it's a little more "under control"now, if I don't straighten/curl it's just a frizzy mess. My hair is VERY thick and takes a lot of sectioning, time, and patience to even get it dry in the morning.

I've owned about 10 flat irons in my life. I've been through cheap Conair irons (which do nothing on my hair) and currently use a more expensive flat iron that works wonders. When Misikko asked me to review the Hana Professional Flat Iron, I had to say "yes". They claim it's the best flat iron, with a 360 degree swivel cord, hot temperature, ceramic and tourmaline plates, and curved edges. I've heard great things about Hana products, and Misikko did not disappoint with their packaging of this product.

Heat proof mat, pouch (flat iron is below the pouch in it's own snap case) and other goodies.

Here's after blow-drying completely, using a flat brush.

Keeping in mind that my ends are terrible and I'm in desperate need of a trim, this straightener did pretty well. It gets super hot (450F) and glides smoothly throughout the hair. Due to the thickness and length of my hair, I typically prefer a wider iron (this one is 1 inch and my current iron is 1.5 inch). I think this flat iron would be perfect for someone with shorter or thinner hair than mine, just due to the width of the iron. I was so impressed with the packaging and "extras" that came with this flat iron and would definitely recommend ordering from Misikko- I know I will be!

I received this flat iron to review but all opinions are 100% my own!


  1. OMG your hair looks amazing..love it!

  2. Yep, your hair is beautiful and looks so healthy! I think we have similar hair, mine is thick and takes forever to straighten too. The longer it gets the more straightening is a chore, but a good flat iron makes a HUGE difference!

  3. Your hair is gorgeous!!! So pretty. New follower!

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous!! I love it! And I can't even tell that you need a trim!

  5. hair looks great! But since I think that my hair probably thicker than yours, it may not be the perfect one for me


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