Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome 2013 ~ New Years Bloggers Ball

Happy (almost) 2013!
I'm joining Niki, Rachel, and Jessica for the First Annual Bloggers Ball. 
This was such a great idea, ladies! I'm excited to be joining in.

Welcome 2013

Welcome 2013 by alyssalianne featuring a collar necklace

A New Years Party outfit is not complete without sequins! I love this dress because it just screams "New Years". Also, I would die for these shoes. (If only I were able to wear them without falling over)...A girl can dream. 
Unfortunately I won't be wearing an outfit like that this year, as we aren't going out. I'm working on NYE, have been sick, and just want to stay home! It'll be perfect, though!

1. What was your best part of 2012?
Probably moving into our apartment in February. We lived at Chris' family house for 6 months before this, and although I am extremely grateful for this, I was excited to put my beloved housewares to good use again (ha!) and have our own space.

2. What was your favorite song/book/movie of 2012?
Just one of each? Ohh... that's hard.
Song: "Home" by Phillip Phillips. Or any country song.
Book: "Room" by Emma Donoghue (this book didn't come out in 2012, but I read it this year... so that counts).
Movie: Either Magic Mike or Pitch Perfect... each for very different reasons! :)

3. What was your biggest accomplishment of 2012?
It's probably a tie, both career-related. Getting a promotion was a huge accomplishment for many reasons. Then switching jobs was also a big accomplishment. I couldn't keep my previous job due to factors completely out of my control. The whole ordeal was a blessing in disguise and I'm extremely proud of myself and grateful for the opportunities I have been given. I am now doing exactly what I always wanted to do- proving therapy for children, adults, and families. 

4. What are you looking forward to the most in 2013?
Stability. We are moving (again) in a few months when our lease is up, but I'm hoping we'll be able to stay in our next place for at least a couple of years. Also hoping that both of our careers become stable and reliable so we can focus on other things... like living our lives without worry! Imagine that.

5. What are your New Years Resolutions?
I probably have a lot. Realistically...
-Earn my LCSW-C license. This is the highest level of social work licensure I can achieve and I'm very close. I'm hoping to achieve this in the next few months.
-Stick with a darn hobby. Besides blogging. I have so many crafting supplies and can never focus on one enough to complete one project. Maybe it's the ADHD. Not maybe...definitely.
-Meal plan more and cook healthy meals. "Cook" being the operative word, not "go to restaurants". Save money on food.
-Be a better girlfriend/daughter/sister/friend. I haven't been terrible, but I believe there's always room for improvement in any relationship, and this is important to me.
-Take a trip to see my grandparents. I was supposed to do this last year and wasn't able to. This really needs to happen in 2013.

I have a few more personal goals that are being kept private for now, but I think the above resolutions are a great starting point. Notice: nothing about losing weight. Nope. It's always been a resolution (along with every other person ever) but I actually did that in the past few months. I would like to get in shape, but I always find when I make this a resolution, it just puts more negative pressure on myself. It just doesn't work for me.

Tomorrow I'll be posting my year in review. Come back to see what the highlights of 2012 were!
Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. I'm so glad everything ended up well for you on the job front and on the apartment front!!! I love the NYE dress - I want it!!! I'm really glad I got to get to know you this year from blogging!

    Happy New Year!! xo

  2. Ooh love those shoes! I wish I had a place to wear them. Those are great resolutions! I feel the same way when I resolute(?) to lose weight it just doesn't work, then I get depressed, then I eat lots of cupcakes. It's a vicious cycle. haha!

  3. I think those are fabulous resolutions! I have decided that I'll never resort to saying I'll get in shape and lose weight, because it never happens when I say I will. So, trying another approach like not adding it to my resolutions might work, right? Haha. PS...I need those shoes. I am supposed to be going out tonight, but I'm not sure that is happening. I just want to sleep.

  4. Those shoes! Love them! And "Home" is such a good song. :) Great bloggers ball outfit!

  5. I really need to read Room. I bought it but have yet to crack it out

  6. obsessed with "home" by phillip phillips!!

    happy new year! xx


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