Friday, December 21, 2012


Oh, Friday! 
I'm so glad you're here.
Especially today. 

It's also the first day of winter! And the world didn't end, so that's good too.

~After today's day of work, I have 5 days off! Yeah, I went ahead and took an extra day off even though I wasn't planning on that. I just didn't want to feel rushed to get back to work after Christmas. I'll still have a 2 day work week, but I'm not complaining!

~Baking and drinks last night. What could be better? In case you missed it, I made Spice cookies over the weekend. Last night was Snickerdoodles! The recipe's in that link right there. These are two of my favorite holiday cookies!
 Is anyone else OCD about having cookies line up exactly right while baking? No?

~Finally finished up the holiday shopping. Just a couple little things left to get, and we're not doing a lot of gifts this year anyway. Most people are getting a variety of homemade cookies in cute containers (hopefully I didn't ruin that for anyone reading :) )

~We actually cooked a good amount of dinners this week instead of going out to eat. That's a really great accomplishment for us!

~I'm finally feeling better after a bad cold and ear infections.. it feels so good to be back to normal! Just in time for my birthday and Christmas :)

I'm not sure how much time I'll have for blogging over the next several days, but I hope that everyone has a great Christmas and if anyone is traveling, have a safe trip!!!


  1. I always drink while I bake! I don't know why, but having a glass of wine or a beer while I'm making just seems right :)

    I'm glad you're feeling better!!!

  2. I like your drinking while baking idea. Perhaps I should try that. One of my faves during this time of year is hot chocolate with Baileys. Give it a try! Glad you're feeling better!

  3. Baking and drinking... love it! If I did this, there would be no cookies left to gift!

  4. These look so delicious... Wow! I want some so badly <3

    High-Stitched Voice

  5. I am totally OCD about the lining of cookies! hahaha I am glad I am not the only one :)
    Those look super delicious too!


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