Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Random Wednesday

Thank goodness it's Random Wednesday.
This time of the week, my mind is always feeling pretty jumbled and this week's no exception. Linking up with Shanna!

I can't wait until Friday evening when work is over and I know I don't have work for 4 days and can celebrate my birthday (Christmas eve!) and Christmas. No, I don't get the full week off work. If I had stayed at my old job I would have that entire time off work, but obviously I couldn't do that. I wouldn't trade this job situation for anything different at this point. I'm just looking forward to having any time to spend with Chris and our families. It'll be really nice. Here's last Christmas...

I made Spice Cookies this past weekend. They were gone so quickly and I didn't even bring them out of the apartment. Shameful :) I'm probably going to make more so we can get fatter  enjoy this time of year ;)
If you missed the post, you can find the recipe here! This is what they look like, in case you were wondering or missed it...

I just started watching Nashville on Hulu. It's been on my "to-watch" list for a while now and I'm loving it. It just makes me happy.... and makes me want to sing 24/7. Anyone else love this show?

Today is my baby brother's 13th birthday! I can't believe it. I was a pre-teen when Jake was born. He was "my baby" and also my birth control! I sure stayed out of trouble as a teen because I knew what it was like to take care of a baby and no thank you. I learned so much from him then, and learn so much from him now. He is so smart, articulate, hilarious and such a good kid.

Happy Birthday, Jake!!! I love you!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday :)


  1. Happy birthday, Jake!!! What a little stud!!!! Enjoy your time off with the family!!! Savor every minute!!! Thanks a million for linking up again this week!

  2. Your pictures for last xmas are so cute- i love your sparkly top!
    happy birthday to your brother! it's my birthday too :)

  3. I am obsessed with Nashville! I want to sing and wear sequins all the time. Y'all look so cute at Christmas last year!! Happy birthday to your brother, 13 is a big year!

  4. Ob-sessed with Nashville! I hate that we have to wait until January for the season to continue!

  5. Happy Birthday Jake!

    Nashville is obsessive! I love it.

  6. Awww happy birthday Jake! I love your photos, you're so gorgeous! And I still need to try those cookies!

  7. Aw last years photos are so sweet! I don't have the whole week off either so I'll be right there with you blogging away next Wednesday ;)
    Nashville is on my to watch list too, guess I know what I'll be doing with my 4 day weekends!

  8. I have been looking forward to tonight for awhile, simply because I have like 4 Nashville's to catch up on! My dvr broke, so atleast I can watch them OnDemand! That reminds me...I really need to go exchange my cable box. Happy Birthday Jake!! 13 is a big number :)

  9. Randomly found your blog this evening snooping around!

    I haven't watched Nashville yet but it seems like everyone is loving it--maybe I'll try to catch up on it! Happy birthday to your brother!!

    new follower!

  10. enjoy your christmas, birthday and days off! love your sparkly top!


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