Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Update- Thanksgiving Edition!

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving.
I had a great few days spending time with mine and Chris' families.

Thanksgiving was spent with my family (minus my brother Ben who lives in CA) and it was relaxing and great. I ate so much food... thank goodness for stretchy pants and baggy shirts! I also managed to get no pictures of Thanksgiving day... I don't even think I had my phone by me. Although I wish I had some pictures, it was nice to disconnect and spend time with the family. It was wonderful!

On Friday, I went with Chris and his family down to Mt. Vernon (George Washington's home). It was a beautiful day and we had good timing- for only 30 days out of the year, visitors are able to visit the 3rd floor of the plantation house. This floor is rickety and can't withstand many visitors, so they have to limit foot traffic up there. We went on the first day the 3rd floor was open for the year. No pictures were allowed inside the house, but here are a few from the day...

Isn't it beautiful there?

 Oh hey, Ram. Chris wanted to take you home.
 What I wore...
 Camel for Christmas time!

Our families live near the only Krispy Kreme in Maryland. Chris informed me that he's never been to Krispy Kreme. What?! We HAD to stop by. The "hot light" was on, and although Chris doesn't like plain glazed donuts, he said it was the best donut he's ever had. Naturally we picked up a dozen and they went quickly. I'm glad we don't have a Krispy Kreme near us because I might be there everyday. And weigh 500 pounds.

I'm salivating while looking at these pictures. So delicious!!

We spent the rest of the weekend spending time with family and just relaxing. Heaven.
My mom's pretty cat, Venus. 
Way too much whipped cream in hot chocolate. 
Brushing up on the DSM (I know. I'm so boring. It's been a while since grad school and I needed a refresher. This new job is definitely bringing new challenges along with it!). 
Let's Dish tortellini (AMAZING stuff and leftovers for a couple days!) 

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and has a fantastic week!

The winner of the $25 Sephora gift card from Glossy Blonde has been announced! Congratulations, Mimi!


  1. Is that tortellini something you made?! It looks awesome, I'd love the recipe nom nom.

  2. Aw it all looks so fun! I LOVE Krispy Kreme, that stuff is addicting. So, so good. There's one in the burbs and I'm glad it's not closer. Venus is adorable!!!

  3. Krispy Kreme is my downfall in life. They are so amazing!

  4. I LOVE Mt. Vernon and I'm so jealous you got to visit the 3rd floor! I can't wait to go back there again. I also have almost that exact same picture that I took myself. :)
    I'm hungry now...thanks for all the food pics. Haha

  5. love all these great pictures!!

  6. Gosh I haven't had a Krispy Kreme in YEARS. So delish!

  7. Mt. Vernon looks lovely. I keep meaning to get there.


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