Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ice Cream for Breakfast and other Shenanigans

This weekend was a perfect end to a week off work! I'm starting the new job tomorrow (yikes) and am so grateful for being able to take a week and relax. Not that there was much relaxing this weekend.

Friday, my Mom came up at took me to Let's Dish. Let's Dish is a place where you can get pre-made, healthy meals to take home and cook yourself. You can either pick up ready made meals, have them delivered, or go into the store and put together your own meals. 
If you sign up for an in-store session, you get to pick your meals ahead of time and they give you specific instructions for each meal. They serve coffee and samples of many of the meals so you can hang out and chat in between making your meals. You then get to take everything home, put it in the freezer and have meals ready to pop in the oven/cook on the stove at your convenience. I now have a freezer full of meals thanks to Mom! 

Friday night was fun-packed among other things. I went to Happy Hour in the city with my (former) co-workers. It was fun to catch up, even though it's only been a week that I haven't been there. It feels like eternity! We even got free drinks of American Honey which is some type of bourbon (I thought of you, Steph!) and t-shirts!

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I then met up with Chris, his brother who just turned 21, and his other brother and sister-in-law. We took 21-year-old brother out for his first time and wow we had fun. They wanted free t-shirts and bourbon too, so we eventually made it over to the "redneck bar" (according to Chris) where they only play country music. It's my favorite and Chris tolerated it  ended up loving it.
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Everyone slept at our place where we proceeded to drink more, get pistachio shells all over (I'm still finding them), get a shot glass stuck in the disposal, and probably annoy our neighbors. After getting no sleep, we were lazy the rest of the day Saturday, during which I decided ice cream was acceptable for breakfast. We spent the rest of the weekend grocery shopping, watching movies and getting things done around the house. It was great!

Now only a few more days until Thanksgiving...I just need to get through my first days at the new job! Wish me luck! 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post (or today if you're reading this on Monday!)... Niki will be here guest posting and you won't want to miss it! There may or may not be a giveaway, but I won't give any secrets away :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
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  1. The Let's Dish place sounds so fun! It'd be the perfect place for a low-key girl's night out!

    So glad you had a fun weekend and good luck at the new job :)

  2. "Let's Dish" has to be one of the coolest businesses I have ever heard of! I wish I had one near where I live. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!! The Let's Dish place sounds AWESOME and so sweet of your mom to stock your freezer. Good luck at the new job- I'm sure you will do great :)

  4. So if I come visit, and we go to Lets you think I could mail my food home?? Haha! I need a place like that here!!
    Good luck tomorrow!!! Can't wait to hear about it :)

  5. And I love me some American Honey - that stuff is so easy to drink! Can't handle the taste of hard alcohol, but American Honey is just sweet enough for me - haha!

    Wishing you TONS of luck on your first day at your new job! How exciting! :)

    - Sara

  6. How did you like it?! I love American Honey! Which is odd, because I don't like the Honey Jack Daniels.
    We have Dream Dinners in chicago, but same concept. I haven't gone yet but we're planning on it soon!


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