Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Random Wednesday!

Here's a quick Random Wednesday before work!

Chris and I watched 4 episodes of Dexter last night and I couldn't sleep. We made it through the first season and I definitely started to like it more. It really freaks me out, though.

I'm feeling so run-down and am getting sick! Today = zicam, gatorade and lots of water. Probably didn't help that I got no sleep.

I placed a DSW order the other day and am so excited for my shoes to arrive!! Plus, I had a $20 coupon on my account I didn't know about. Yay!

I feel like I've had no time to breathe, let along blog lately. I don't like that.

I miss having 2 work-from-home days. Going to work every day is a drag! I'm definitely thankful for this new job and enjoying it, though. It's just so different from what I'm used to. Plus, I can't stay in my PJs 2 days a week anymore! We all know how I love my PJs.

I found this super fuzzy sweatshirt on Clearance at Target for $10 last night. Chris says I look like Mrs. Claus when I wear it. That's fine with me.

I hope everyone's having a great week!!!


  1. I was really freaked out by Dexter, too at first. But now I am obsessed! :)

  2. We just got the first season of Dexter and are going to start watching soon - I can't wait! Oh and blogging, yeah, haven't done much of that either. Breaks are good though :)

  3. Haha fuzzy sweaters for $10 are awesome, Mrs. Claus inspired or not! I love Dexter, it definitely gets better in the next few seasons too!

  4. Elderberry extract from the natural food or vitamin store saved my buttocks when I was sick a few weeks ago. A friend recommended it and after trying everything else I gave in and it worked. Feel better!

  5. Fuzzy sweatshirts are always the best! No matter what they look like!! Feel better. No time to be sick these days! XoXo

  6. Take care of yourself!! There are tons of people sick right now. Make sure to get some gatorade and go to bed early tonight. And I think I need to hop on the Dexter train...heard such great things about it.

  7. I love Dexter now! It took me a while to get into it, we started the first season numerous times and after we finally committed one day and watched like half the first season and now we are all caught up and love it! Also, have you tired Emergen-C? I love it for when I start to feel sick! HOpe you feel better :)

  8. great post

  9. Jeff totally watches Dexter too, I am just so squeemish about blood and I'm already paranoid about people coming to chop me up already I just don't think I could handle it! ;) I'm so glad you are liking your new job, what a blessing it is! Getting sick is such a drag, isn't it?

  10. Hope you feel better soon!


  11. Can't wait to see your new shoes! Hope you feel better soon!


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