Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I'm so excited to link up for Shanna's very first "Random Wednesday"!
Well, friends... this is definitely random!

-I don't want to get out of my cheetah pajamas. Ever. They're so comfortable...they're super warm and perfect for the past couple nights that it's been cold. We haven't turned the heat on because it's been warm during the day and the apartment is so sunny, it heats up quickly. Night time is a different story and gets a little chilly! Coincidentally I have cheetah slippers that I also can't take off. Is it just me or does cheetah print make everything better?

-Pre-employment tasks are the worst. I've been running around getting fingerprinted, a physical, drug test, TB test, ugh! It's nice to be off work this week but a little annoying I have to get all this stuff done! Plus, it means I have to change out of my pajamas. How obnoxious!

-Speaking of pre-employment. I've been experiencing something called "nerves". A lot of them. More like anxiety towards this change in my life. I thought the hardest part would be leaving my old job, which was very difficult. I'm starting to think the hardest part is this part. The in-between time, the unknown. The adjustment to a new routine, the uncertainty and insecurity. I've tried so hard to be positive about this transition- and don't get me wrong. I am excited. I know I made the right decision. I'm just... scared. And that's okay...or at least, it will be. Right?


-It makes me super happy that Target is all decorated for Christmas (and the other winter holidays). And by decorated, I mean it's full of things I can buy to decorate my house. Self control, Alyssa. Self control.

-Parenthood makes me cry. Every time. I've trained myself to keep the tissue box next to me while watching.

-I've been having super weird dreams. They're extremely life-like and are freaking me out. I never remember my dreams, but lately it's been every single night. Last night I re-lived my last day of work, but it was totally different than my actual last day. Down to every detail. Yes, I'm a mental health professional and can figure that one out, but seriously?! Settle down, brain. Please!

-Last but not least, Kohl's is sharing an exclusive coupon code with all you lovely people! Use code "TENBLOG" for 10% off your purchase at now through December 29. It can be used stacked with another coupon code. Perfect timing for gift shopping! While you're at it, buy something for yourself and get those cheetah pajamas I just mentioned :)

Hopefully I didn't completely bore you or freak you out by all this ;) I'm loving this link-up because this is totally how my brain works. I'm always writing down extremely random things that pop into my mind so this is perfect for me. Thanks, Shanna! :)


  1. switching jobs is a very scary thing...but I did this about 3 years ago and it was the best move I ever made! change is good.

    New follower here. Found you from the linkup. :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean! Starting a new job and the in between can be nerve wracking.

  3. Is it weird that I've never really "switched jobs" before? haha...I mean, I've worked at different places...but I just kind of rotated. Weird. And yes, cheetah does make everything better.

  4. I think I need those cheetah pajamas. Thanks for the coupon code. I'm going to check that out!

    Good luck with the job switch! It's scary but good!

    Found you through Shanna's linkup.

  5. Thanks for the code! I'm in love with everything Lauren Conrad, so that's perfect. And what do you mean you can wear Cheetah pjs to drug testing?! That's just ... discrimination!

  6. I can totally understand the nerves, but I bet everything will be great! I hate the pre-employment tasks though! I do love your slippers, however!

  7. I have cheetah slippers too....but no pj's. Boo!! I have never been more than a sweats and tshirt person, but am finding that maybe I might like pj's more than I thought!
    Oh - and you're not boring, because that's how my mind works all the time! Maybe we should just start sharing our thoughts that are all over the place like that. Haha!

  8. Cheetah absolutely makes everything better :) I always have weird dreams like that too after an even like a job change occurs. Target and their decorations make me happy too :)

  9. I have those exact same slippers except mine are like 10 years old and they are still kicking!! Love them!! And I think almost every random post today talked about Target!! LOL! I think we all have problems....poor Wal-Mart hasn't gotten one mention!!! LOL. Thanks for linking up!!

  10. I know the feeling about changing jobs- I was promoted to a totally different department within my company two months ago. I'm still learning. I feel like I'm in college again with all the notes I take. Good luck!

  11. i love your pajamas! parenthood makes me cry every time too! I love the target decorations for christmas and want them all. I hope the transition to your new job goes well - change is good buy can be overwhelming!

  12. I think the vivid dreams thing must be going around... I've been having them for the last week or so and felt like I didn't sleep a wink! I discovered your blog via Shanna's linkup, and glad I did! So cute, and the title cracked me up :)

    -Your newest follower

    Secondhand Magpie

  13. oh I hate pre employment tasks! Having to go do all the teststo get cleared is always a complete pain.


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