Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Loving Lately: Riding Boots

There's no mystery as to why I love riding boots. I haven't just been loving them lately, I've been loving them since I was a child.
At age 8, I started riding horses. I think I liked the outfits more than the riding. I loved horses, but really loved putting on my boots, riding pants, and helmet.
Fast forward a couple decades later and I'm so glad riding boots are in style. Here are some of my favorites!

Riding Boots

I actually ordered those Unisa boots from DSW and they should be arriving this week! I've never heard of this brand, and would usually try on boots in the store... but with the holidays and new job, online shopping sounded so much more appealing.

Do you have a favorite boot? I want to know!
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Check out my guest post at Adventures in the Fort to see what's in my purse!


  1. I love the Unisa boots!!!! Those are gorgeous!

  2. Those Frye Melissa button boots are SO on my Christmas list. Great choices, I love the Unisa boots too!


  3. Yes!! I love the horses more, but the boots are really, really close. I just ordered some (more) from Forever 21 on super sale. Hopefully they come when boyfriend is not around and I can just sneak them into the collection...

  4. I love the Frye ones! They are so cute! And of course the TB's are on my xmas list!

  5. Love the riding boots inspirations!! :) Great picks!

    Followed you!


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