Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Update!

This weekend was exhausting. It was filled with activities and was great, but I feel like I need another weekend just to recover!

Saturday was Sailabration in Baltimore. There were tons of boats, planes, and tourists!!! It was a fun, long day. Chris' mom and brother came up for the special event! We walked around the Inner Harbor and looked at some of the boats, then boarded the Water Taxi to travel over to Ft. McHenry. We've never taken the water taxi even though we lived in the city for 3 years so it was fun to finally do it. 

Once we made it to Ft. McHenry, it was time to wait until the air show began. 

It was several hours in the heat and the line to buy food was two hours long. So, in typical Baltimore fashion we had snowballs for lunch :)

The air show finally began and was pretty darn cool! Here are the Blue Angels:

Then we waited over and hour and a half for the water taxi again. Finally we got on the boat and headed to dinner in Fells Point. No pictures of the food. We were starving and that was not my priority ;) I tried a local beer, Flying Dog Woody Creek Belgian White, which was so good. I'm a picky beer drinker but could totally drink this regularly. It was a pretty sunset on the boat ride back.

Sunday was Father's Day! I headed over to my dad's to hang out for the day, and brought a homemade Key Lime Pie along (recipe to come this week!). We grilled and just hung out which was nice. My brother, Ben, is moving to California in less than a week (excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out :( ) so it was especially nice to see him before he leaves on his adventure! Well of course it was great to spend time with Dad on his day!

Dad is wearing his Father's Day 2004 shirt (when Jake was 4). My hands are the same size. I love that he still wears it even though we are (mostly) grown! :P

I'm linking up for the first time with Sami, Leeann, and Dana for Weekend Update!!! :)
Looking forward to meeting new friends!  

I hope you had a good weekend too!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I'm jealous of that Sno-cone :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love air shows (and snowcones) :) Those are such great pics, they're tough to get too!

  3. Saturday sounds amazing!!! And glad you got to spend time with family on Sunday. I live in CA - your brother will love it here :)

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. thanks for hosting! Yeah I'm looking forward to visiting him there :)

  4. Homemade key lime pie. Stop it. Just stop it. I'm going to need that recipe! Sounds like an awesome weekend. Isn't spending time with family just the best? Thanks for joining the linkup!

    1. I posted the recipe today if you want to check it out! it's so good and SO easy. thanks for hosting, see ya next week!:)

  5. What a fun weekend! We have an air and water show here in Chicago and it's crazy! Fun, but crazy!

  6. What a lovely weekend! Great celebration :)


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