Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Things I love: Kitchen Gadgets

Here are some of my favorite kitchen gadgets!

I love this berry bowl/strainer. The bottom piece comes off for straining, but pops back on to use as a bowl. No more berries soaked in water! {Homegoods}

Lettuce knife & Smaller serrated knife. I bought the lettuce knife because I thought it looked cool, but have actually used it a LOT {Homegoods}. The smaller knife is useful for cutting fruit, veggies, or whatever. Love it {gift from Mom} 

Spatulas. These are a must-have for baking. {clearance at Target!}

Do you notice a theme? I may or may not love fun colors.

Of course, I have to include my KitchenAid... This was my big present to myself for my birthday/holidays (really it was just a great excuse to finally buy it). I can't live without it. No, not in a "fun" color because I figured black would match any kitchen and it matches my Keurig ;)

And, of course, my OXO Pop top containers. I've collected these from every store imaginable... Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl's, Homegoods, and most recently got a great set at Costco. Chris' mom also gives him Easter candy in these every year, so we've collected a few that way. (Isn't that a great idea?)

Yep, I'm kind of a kitchen gadget snob. I can blame my mom for that one. She got me these awesome red measuring cups from Tupperware also, which I love (not pictured). That white thing in the flour container is a flour scoop, also from Tupperware, and from Mom. She is a bigger "kitchen gadget snob" than I am. (I love you, Mom!)

I'm not really a snob with anything else, so it's okay :)

What are your favorite kitchen items?

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  1. I love those spatulas, the chevron is super duper.


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