Friday, June 15, 2012

High Five for FRIDAY!

Woohooooo Happy Friday :)
Where has the time gone? I can't believe it's already the middle of June.
Linking up with Lauren for High Five Friday!


Here are the bests from the week:

{1} Super successful Old Navy trip! I went in to find a Chambray shirt. This has been a repeated attempt so I didn't have my hopes up. But...I found one and snatched up the last "small"- an impossible feat sometimes! Here's the one I got.

I was also super impressed with their new jewelry selection. I got earrings and a necklace: 

excuse my hair :) edit: i realize this picture doesn't show the earrings well. ugh, i need to learn how to take pictures. sorry!!

{2} Easy dinners. We've been sick of cooking this week...but most of all just sick of cleaning dishes. It's been barbecues and sandwiches for dinner which is just fine with me.


{3} We can finally enjoy our balcony. Since we moved in our apartment several months ago, our upstairs neighbors have been a nightmare. Without going into all the frustrating details, our biggest problem has been on the balcony. Their balcony is directly above ours and we constantly find piles of cigarette ashes that have "fallen" on our NEW patio furniture (staining the cushions). We've been asking for a solution ever since. FINALLY, the management company installed outdoor carpeting on their balcony yesterday. So, FINALLY we won't have ashes falling through to ours and we can eat dinners outside!!!

Wouldn't you want to sit out here too?!

{4} Sailabration ~ It's the bicentennial of the War of 1812. To celebrate, Baltimore has brought in dozens of ships for the weekend. You're able to tour the ships, and there's also an air show. Chris is so excited to go because he loves this stuff. I'm mostly excited about the fireworks :) Pictures to come for sure!

sneak peek! I work across the street :)

{5} I'm working a half day today. I don't really have plans to do anything but am excited to have a few hours off to do whatever :)

I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Friday! Love that necklace, I never used to find jewelry there I liked but I'm definitely going back now to give it another try. What a pain your neighbors must be :( Glad it got fixed though!!

  2. Love the Necklace its awesome!
    Great blog girl!

  3. That's so nice that you are finally able to sit outside. That must have been so frusterating! Love the jewelry!

  4. Found you through the H54F link-up-- how wonderful that you can finally enjoy your patio! & a half-day today? Congrats!

  5. Ooh! That necklace looks gorgeous - I'll have to stop by and check them out!

    And easy dinners are the best! Of course, it's nice to cook a grand ol' meal, but sometimes it is nice to just relax and cook something easy! (ok, well, everything I cook is relatively easy, but that's because I'm pretty awful in the kitchen! haha!)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    - Sara


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