Friday, June 1, 2012

Follow Friday / Randoms!

I've been seeing links to "Follow Friday" from several other blogs I follow- it's a great way to discover new blogs. So, while I'm stuck at home during this crazy thunderstorm/tornado warnings, it's time for another post! While watching Mean Girls on tv, of course.

I also updated my design! It's definitely a work in progress. I also created a Facebook page for my blog- I wanted a good way to connect family and friends with my blog, without annoying everyone with my posts from my personal account. Check it out!

As a follow-up to my hair dilemma, I still haven't decided on a haircut but I think it's between #2 and #3. I also haven't wanted to straighten/curl my hair because it's been so hot. Yesterday I did a side braid and it actually turned out pretty cute!

My long bangs didn't make it in the braid, so I twisted and used a bobby pin, which you can still kind of see. It worked until the bobby pin slipped out. Does anyone know of a strong-hold pin? I've tried so many with no luck!

Have a good night, and a great weekend :)


  1. Side braid looks very cute!

    I think this is what I use for my strong hold bobby pins:,default,pd.html?cm_vc=SEARCH

    If that's not exactly right, I do remember getting them at Sally Beauty, and they were definitely under $2! Can't go wrong with that!

    - Sara

  2. THANKS! I'll definitely be looking for them!


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