Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reasons Why He Makes Me Laugh

I'll try to make this as cheese-less as possible.
When I had "that conversation" with my dad during senior year of college about wanting to move in with Chris the following year, he must have known it was serious. 
He asked, "Does he make you laugh?" At the time, I thought that was an interesting question. Of course he makes me laugh. I didn't realize, though, how important that is.
Throughout three years of him in law school, me in grad school, starting our "working" lives together for the past two years, going through bouts of unemployment and hard times, he never ceases to make me laugh. Sometimes it involves an eye roll, but there's always laughter. Here are a few examples.

- I was yelling to Chris, who was in another room, about getting an awkward cat-call while in our parking lot earlier that day. He hardly says anything. A few minutes pass, he enters the room, and says with a completely stoic face, "It's okay, Alyssa. I get cat-calls too." Thanks for making me feel less alone. Or something.

- He likes to talk in a hick Southern accent while watching or talking about NASCAR. It's hilarious. If only I could make a secret video so y'all could see what I'm talking about.

- He likes to make the funniest/most awkward faces while driving and stare at other drivers until they laugh. Or sometimes, he waves like a crazy person. Hilarious.

I miiiight get killed for posting this.
- This. Not a teenage girl in the land can make a better duck face than my man.

again, I might be in trouble.
- He thought it would be a good idea to change everyone's bowling names when we went bowling with my brothers. I was literally crying I was laughing so hard.

I probably don't tell him this enough, but I really appreciate those moments of laughter. I tend to have a hard time relaxing after tough days (or weeks) and he always brings me back down to reality. Thanks for that, C.


  1. Honestly, this is my biggest piece of advice to anyone thinking about getting married. You HAVE to be able to laugh with that person. Looks fade, values change, but if you can laugh with your partner, life will be so much happier :)

  2. Hahaha, I laughed at the picture of him driving. That's so funny that he makes funny faces to other drivers. I'm glad he makes you laugh. :)

  3. The fact that he changed your name to I'm A Ginger, I kind of love him!!!

  4. This is so sweet!! I agree, I probably don't tell Jeff enough how much I appreciate him or the laughter he brings me. and I'm kind of obsessed with this idea of driving and being silly at other drivers.

  5. how great that he makes you laugh so much! I need to laugh at my husband more! :)


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