Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's Wednesday Already?

Oh, thank heavens for Wednesday. Because it's about to get random up in here.

~Who else watched "Ready for Love"? Ever since seeing Eva Longoria on the Today Show months ago, I was looking forward to this show. This is such a different dating show, which I find so refreshing. I think matchmaking is so cool, and it probably should have been my profession. Human behavior is so interesting to me (duh, check my career choice). So, I'm looking forward to watching this show and following along. It also makes me want to listen to the Plain White T's. Thoughts? Opinions?

This just seemed appropriate, somehow. It's love. Circa 2007?
~Speaking of love, I had the most completely random craving today: deviled eggs. I was at work, obviously unable to get my hands on any deviled eggs for hours, but texted Chris during a break. I couldn't emphasize more how much I needed deviled eggs. I planned to go home and make them immediately. Well, I walked into the house and smelled eggs and just knew he did it- yep, best boyfriend ever. Brownie points earned. We then got pizza and my diet was totally shot. Nevermind, I'm not on a diet.
(Oh, and I get random cravings all the time. I am not pregnant. I knew that question would be asked, or some random friend/family member would happen upon this post)

~I unsubscribed from about 80% of the store emails I receive. I have hundreds of unread emails in my inbox from stores that I never open, so decided to confront this issue head on. I used to keep myself on the mailing lists because I was so afraid of missing a deal. Until I realized there are hardly any exclusively emailed deals. If I'm going to go shopping, I'll look up a deal on my own. Keeps my shopping urges down and keeps my bank account happy.

~I have to vent, here. I went to the doctor at the end of March for an ear infection. I was prescribed antibiotics, which didn't work, at all. I am in a health insurance lapse starting in April, and until I'm covered by my new insurance, I'm uncovered. So I went back to the same place who "treated" my ear infection. There's nothing else they could do unless I wanted to pay $200 for some drops that "might or might not work". I was informed that I most likely had a sinus infection which never went away, plus a perforated ear drum, but that I needed to see a specialist to run tests. Unable to shell out $200 for something that might not work, and no health insurance to cover a specialist visit, I have to wait. And wait. And be in pain. Plus, I have no sick days at work. My job is listening and talking to people all day. Needless to say, I haven't been a happy camper. I'm a pretty tough girl but I'm getting so tired and worn out from this ordeal. That being said, hopefully my new insurance will be in place and I can go see a specialist to get it taken care of. Looking on the bright side, at least I have health insurance available which is more than a lot of people have. I'm grateful. Frustrated, but grateful. (Done venting.)

~I started my balcony garden yesterday! It's definitely not done, but pictures to come soon. It'll be small this year because we're probably moving in the next couple months and don't want to tote around a bunch of plans, but it's exciting.

beginning the "garden"!
I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday. Linking up with the lovely Shanna!


  1. That is so frusterating with the doctor! I hope you feel better soon. Ugh! And that stinks that you don't have any sick days, it must make it so much more stressful. On the bright side I love your patio garden!

  2. Your boyfriend is definitely very sweet! I get random cravings all the time too, for no apparent reason. I'm actually craving a taco right now. And it's 10am. Meh.

    I need to unsubscribe to those annoying store emails too. Thanks for the reminder!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I HATE ear infections! So sorry to hear that you are going through that with no insurance :( One random thing that might give some relief is to wet a paper towel with HOT water, put it in the bottom of a cup and hold the cup up to your ear. The steam and heat give relief and open up the Eustachian tube.

  4. Ugh sorry about the doctor situation! At least that boy is making you deviled eggs - that is seriously SO CUTE. Threw up a little in my mouth cute.


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