Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DIY Sparkling Shower Cleaner

This "recipe" for homemade shower cleaner is so simple, you'll kick yourself for never thinking of this before. At least, that's what I did. I can confidently say I'll never use anything else to clean my shower/bathtub/sinks. 

White vinegar
Liquid dish soap (I used Palmolive but cheap store-brand would probably work just fine)

Heat about 8 oz vinegar, pour into spray bottle. Squirt in a few tablespoons of dish soap, gently shake. I shook a little too much which resulted in lots of bubbles. No harm done!
Spray onto shower, wipe off. It's that simple. 

I'm embarrassed to say our shower was pretty gross before I cleaned it. I didn't have to scrub at all and just wiped with a sponge rinsed in warm water. This stuff works. I estimate the amount I made cost about 25 cents (I made about half a bottle). Hint: buy vinegar at Costco. It costs $3 and you get a bottle like this:

Ridiculously big bottle of vinegar... because we really needed it. Since buying this massive bottle, I've been researching ways to use vinegar around the house. I'm normally that person who buys the specialty cleaners because they just must work better. I've been trying to save money and use less chemicals so I figured "splurging" on the biggest bottle of vinegar I've ever seen would be worth it. So far, it is because I'd spend about $3 on shower cleaner alone and I still have an almost-full bottle of vinegar. Win win.

Ok, now go clean your shower. It's never been easier. You're welcome.


  1. I have been using this for the past few weeks to clean my shower, and it works! The specialty shower cleaners in the store never work, so this is great!

  2. This is such a good idea, and it sounds cheaper!! The only thing i wonder is does it smell like vinegar when your done?

  3. Love this!! :) I need to make some. It's been on my to do list for a few weeks. Oops! Haha

  4. Ohhh I need to do this! Our new shower has all glass walls so it's more important than ever!

  5. Hi Alyssa! My name is LeeAnn and I am one of your newest followers. I just had to say thank you for this GREAT TIP! I just used it in my bathroom and it works like magic. It makes me want to go buy that GIGANTIC bottle at costco and do all sorts of things with it. That you for the great advice. I am new to blogging and a follow back would be greatly appreciated. Everyone is so nice in the blogging world and it inspires me to find new bloggy friends!! Have a great day
    Love, LeeAnn

  6. Might have to make some of this up.


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