Thursday, April 4, 2013

Never Have I Ever...

When Nadine posted about this link-up, it sounded like too much fun. I remember playing "never have I ever" in high school/college and even at sleepovers in middle school. It's kind of like "truth or dare" without the "dare". 

Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever...

Been stung by a bee. Thankfully or else I'd freak the heck out.

Gone on a cruise. Probably never will, those things scare me! And I get sea sick.

Changed my hair color dramatically. I've added highlights and low lights but always kept my natural color.

Had the nerve to take outfit pictures outside. I feel so silly!

Been ziplining. I WANT TO SO BAD!!!

Gone to a music festival. I've been to plenty of concerts but no Sunday in the Country or anything like that. Am I too old now? 

Been to Vegas. I know!!!

Liked wearing heels. I just don't. I've come to accept I'm a "fancy jeans and t-shirt" kind of girl.

Been arrested. Thankfully ;)

Liked working out. Every form of exercise is like torture for me. I eat healthy or else I'd really be screwed.

Ridden in a helicopter. I think I'd be way too scared!

Been able to do a sock bun. Why is it SO hard?

So what about you? Have you ever?


  1. Vegas is coming up a lot on these posts! I have no desire to go either... I'll take a music festival instead, though I've never been!

  2. I've never been on a cruise or done REAL zip-lining either (I did some easy one at a carnival once. It doesn't count). I also really want to. Although, I think I prefer all inclusive vacations to cruises.

    I find the trick to a sock bun is to buy a "donut". I got one of those and now I can do a sock bun in a minute. With the help of Youtube of course!

  3. I've never done the outfit picture thing either. I guess my days are full of snapping pics of Drew in HIS outfits. :)

  4. This was a great list! I'm definitely with you on the not liking to work out front. How do people enjoy it? I don't know. Thanks for linking up with us!

  5. Awesome list!! I can't do a sock bun either!!

    Ange from Hairspray and High Heels

  6. I don't get how people enjoy working out or wearing heels. I am tall so I guess that's why I don't like heels, but still! This is a great list! Thank you for linking up with us today!


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