Friday, April 12, 2013

Heat Wave and my Fight with a Bird

Happy Friday!
We got a heat wave over here. Thankfully the weather's cooling off for the weekend because our air conditioning unit isn't working and will hopefully be fixed tomorrow. Here are a few highlights from the week...
1. homemade banana bread! some with chocolate chips. I made it for work and I'll pretend I didn't eat two {large} pieces already
2. heat wave. 94 degrees in April!
3. sparkly new sandals and pretty pedicure (ok I think feet pictures are gross, but I really wanted to show off these sandals! nasty carpet, courtesy of my office)
4. fresh pineapple! after I figured out exactly how to cut a pineapple, I've been inhaling this stuff for the past two days. there's nothing better.
5. started on the balcony garden! look at that cute little Alyssum grow kit I found at Target ($3). Obviously, I had to buy it given my name. Also, our "garden" is currently inside because yesterday I had a fight with a bird trying to terrorize our flowers. The stupid bird was actually going after the basil, too (Chris wondered if he's looking to make a pizza?). He pulled off a couple of the flowers and tore up the gorgeous red dahlia in that picture. I shooed the bird off the balcony, removed the plants, and he actually came back 2 minutes later and starting making this terrible angry sounding noise because I moved the plans. So in the meantime I'm trying to keep our plants away from the devil bird. Does anyone have any tips to keep birds away....besides screening in our balcony which is impossible?!

What are you doing this weekend?
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  1. What a mean bird!!!

  2. LOVE that color on your toes - do you know what color it is? It's pretty much the perfect spring/summer pink!

    I've been meaning to start a teeny little garden, but I've never done it before. Do you like the stuff you got from Target so far?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    - Sara

  3. Ew that entitled little devil bird. Birds creep me out. Sorry I don't have any tips :(
    I love those sparkle sandals though!!

  4. Yumm!! I want banana bread so bad now!!

  5. That bread looks so good!Also..what a creep bird!WOW...we would be having some problems hah! Hope the weather cool down.


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