Monday, July 9, 2012

Long Holiday Weekend Update

Today's Weekend Update is really going to cover the last week... I was off work Thursday and Friday, and since Wednesday was a holiday, I haven't been to work in almost a week. A lot has happened in that week... both good and very bad.

Warning: this post is long and was an eventful week!

Tuesday: The good! I got awesome news at work that I will be starting a new position. I'm so excited about this opportunity. I haven't been able to talk about it at all over the past month or so on here, so am happy to finally say something. This has been a long time coming and I have worked so hard. I will be taking on more responsibilities and am so ready and excited for this new chapter to begin!

Also on Tuesday, our power went out for the first time since the storm on June 30. I mentioned this a few days ago. I'm thankful we got it back even if it was about 15 hours of no air conditioning :) To celebrate my job/cool off we went to dinner at Longhorn and I swallowed in one gulp ordered this watermelon margarita. Yum!

Wednesday: The 4th! We had a pretty low-key and relaxing time. Due to all the power outages, lots of firework shows were cancelled so we lit off a few of our own sparklers, drank by the pool and made s'mores on the fire pit.

I also made these delicious Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes.

Thursday: We had a relaxing day to just do whatever. We ended up going to see "Ted" which was pretty funny. Then we stopped by the new casino nearby and lost our money. Luckily we only played $5 before quitting :)

Friday: We took a day trip to the beach! Ocean City, MD is only 2 1/2 hours away so we packed up a cooler and headed off to catch some sun!

Luckily we thought to buy this umbrella the day before! It was SO hot and this helped a lot.

On the way home, we stopped at my Alma Mater, Salisbury University, which is only 30min away from the beach. 

The Quad in the middle of the freshman dorms. The grass usually lasted about a week once the fall semester started!

That was my freshman dorm! It has changed a lot from 7 years ago!

It was fun to stop by and walk around. I haven't been back there in a while.

Friday night: This is the very bad. We were in a car accident (3 miles away from our apartment). I was driving which was already weird because Chris usually drives when we're out together. I pulled up to a red light, looked in the rear-view mirror and could tell the driver approaching in back of me wasn't going to stop. He smashed right into us and threw my car into the car in front of mine. Luckily everyone was okay enough that no one went to the hospital. 

 We got out of the car to stand on the median and I felt so sick I could hardly stand. I was so frustrated because this was totally preventable and now I would have to deal with this mess. Plus, the driver that hit me was looking down (I'm guessing at his phone) when I had looked in the rear-view mirror. He wasn't even paying attention to the road. He then proceeded to blame the accident on me, saying that I shouldn't have been stopped. WHAT?! 

 We are dealing with insurance right now so that's about all I can say. I'm very thankful it wasn't worse...but we are very sore. The people in the car in front of us were even nice enough to drive us back to our apartment (their car was fine, just a little damage on the bumper). I then went home to make the insurance claim and knew more of that would continue the next day...

Saturday: Basically dealt with insurance the whole day, visited my car in the tow lot to remove all my belongings. The insurance adjusters will be out on Monday to determine if my car is totaled. There was a lot of damage but my car isn't old so I don't know what will happen. Meanwhile I have no car and will hopefully get a rental before I have to go into work on Tuesday. What a mess. 

Sunday: Did nothing and just relaxed. I tried to keep myself busy with housework because I am getting so frustrated every time I think about the accident. I'm still so mad at the driver who hit me, but all I can say to him is that karma will take care of you. Oh, and stay off your cell phone while driving... there are laws about it for a reason.

 I really hope I'll have some good news sometime today about the whole situation.

In the meantime, sorry for the insanely long post but hopefully it gives you a little understanding of my crazy week of ups and downs! I hope everyone had a great holiday and a good weekend! :)

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  1. I am so relieved to hear you are ok. It's sane how many people drive while texting. So dangerous and illegal for a reason. A car can be replaced. Be thankful no one was seriously injured.

    In better news, your weekend (other than that) sounded great. And those cupcakes look amazing. Thanks for linking up!

    1. thanks, that's so true, I keep reminding myself that we are lucky! thanks for hosting :)

  2. I'm glad you are ok! That is so scary to see the accident "happen" before it does, I was in a very similar accident a couple weeks ago. I'm also insanely jealous of your long weekend ;)

    1. thanks! I hope that you are doing ok after your accident too. It definitely is scary to see it coming but I felt worse for my bf who had no idea it was coming. I somehow felt guilty even though it wasn't my fault. The range of feelings that happen after this type of thing is insane!

  3. Oh my gosh, that sounds horrible! I'm glad everyone was okay though. I am super jealous of those cupcakes. They look so delish and pretty!

    1. thanks Leigh! they were so so yummy, especially the frosting! I'll post about them probably later this week :)

  4. I was just about to say how yummy your margarita looks but then I saw about your car accident! I'm so sorry! I've been in your situation but it was the other person's fault and the police ended up giving ME a ticket! It was the worst! Thanks for linking up and hope everything works out :)

    1. That's terrible!! hopefully it worked out for you in the end. Thanks, everything is already getting much better. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Aw man! So glad you guys are OK! I love how when others obviously cause accidents they blame the innocent party. So infuriating!

    Well the good parts of your weekend seem pretty amazing. CONGRATS on the new position. That's really cool!

    And thanks for linking up with us :)

  6. Aw looks like a great weekend with fireworks and sand between your toes :)


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