Thursday, July 5, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day 5

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! 
I'm squeezing in a blog post a little late... we've been so busy! I'll write my whole week/weekend update with pictures on Sunday when I get a chance to breathe!

5: If you could have dinner with any five people, who would they be?

My grandpa- he died when I was a baby. He was my mom's dad and it would have been so cool to be able to talk to him and get to know him. I've heard so many stories from my mom about him.

My other grandparents- all 3 are still living. I'm counting them as one but oh well. All live on the West coast so I don't get to see them very often, but miss them all very much!

My BFF Liz- she lives in the Keys and I haven't seen her for about a year :( I miss her!!!! (yes I still say BFF)

My German friend Melanie- she came as a German exchange student in high school and was so much fun and such a great person. We still talk over email/Facebook (Hi Meli, if you are reading this!).. Needless to say it's not easy to see someone who lives halfway across the world!

Patrick Dempsey- Ok I had to. Seriously, does this need any explanation? I love him. Chris would have to be with me for this dinner because he likes him for his racing career. I like him because he's McDreamy.

So, who would you have dinner with if you could pick anyone?
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  1. I totally still say BFF (or "bestie"), so I feel you there!

  2. Amen to Patrick Dempsey! Ha ;)


  3. LOVE McDreamy! I should have added him to my list! :)


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