Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

This weekend was an eventful one. We had no time to work on the vanity, so there it sits in the garage, still. Is it just me, or are weekends too short?  I think we need 3 days. I could totally cram my work into 4 days!

Here's our weekend in pictures...

loving these orange dyed (and regular) sunflowers

this combination is so yum!

our first try at making indian food. wow it was so spicy! we're learning :)

Renaissance fair! Food, shows, and lots of interestingly dressed people. Fun!

sword swollower. insane.

My mom's Belle sitting like a lady... too cute.
Not pictured, we also saw Gravity in 3d Imax. Oh my gosh... if you see one movie, go see this one. In 3d. I was a little on the fence about seeing it, but it was incredible.

Now it's time for another Monday. Thankfully it's a four day week for me as I took Friday off! What did you do this weekend? 


  1. Ooh! Jealous of your four day week. Thankfully, this weekend was a relaxing weekend for me since I'm house sitting for my mom & step dad while they're on vacation!

  2. Your mom's cat is hilarious. And I want to go to a Renaissance festival! I was actually just talking about this with the hubbs.


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