Monday, October 14, 2013


We moved about a month ago now, so I feel it's the perfect time to get back into blogging! We were without internet until the end of September so I finally feel like I'm joining the 21st century again. 

Chris and I are so happy in our new home. We're still decorating and buying furniture so I haven't taken many pictures. I realized that while we're in our home now, my online home is here and I've been neglecting this little space for so long. I've missed it so much.

So, lately I've been cooking, baking, decorating, diy-ing and mainly working. My hour/plus commute has been pretty grueling and has been an say the least. It's worth it to come home to a place we love and be only 10 minutes away from both of our families (although we still don't see them as much as I'd like).

I have some recipes to share soon and also a pretty big (for me) DIY project, so stay tuned!

I'll leave you with some pictures of our house before we moved in and will hopefully have the decorating done soon....

Huge deck. There's construction going on all around but it's just about finished now.


Dining/Living room before move-in

Cute little window from the master bathroom. Soon, all that land will be built on...enjoying the view now.

New Fall Wreath. Refer to this post if you'd like instructions!

Ok, I lied... we did decorate one room completely. Our new dining table!


  1. Your home is SO nice! Congrats on the move and I'm excited to have you back to blogging!

  2. Welcome back! Love your house, it is so pretty! Especially that kitchen, swoon.

  3. So happy your back! So far the place looks great. Plus the home finished are really nice and the wood floor look so luxurious. Are you still in Maryland?

  4. Thank you! I'm so in love with it. baking there is like a dream!!

  5. Thanks Filiz! Yep still in MD just a different area!

  6. Come visit and we'll bake banana bread! :-P

  7. Oh Alyssa!! Your home looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to come visit y'all ;)


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