Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Update {Shamrock Edition}

We didn't do anything crazy for St. Patrick's Day this weekend, but had a weekend full of fun, relaxation, and food (what else?).

Saturday's Cheesecake Factory lunch (yum) and beach wave (slash frizz) hair in the midst of running errands. Drinks and slots at the casino where the luck of the Irish was not with us. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Sunday was a traditional St. Patrick's day impromptu feast with Chris' family... 

Corned beef and cabbage (Who knew I LOVE cabbage? I just found out)

Yummy wine

Green pudding!
Aaaand today I'll need to hit the gym! What did you do to celebrate St. Patrick's day?

Linking up with Sami and Leeann!


  1. ooh that pudding looks fun - so does your impromptu feast!! new follower from sami's linkup :)

  2. wow - this all looks amazing!

  3. Green pudding!! It all looks really good.

  4. That feast looks aaaahhhmazing!!

  5. Your hair looks so good! I don't see an ounce of frizz there! It looks like you had a great weekend (any weekend that involves a lot of eating for me is usually a good one though) ;)


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