Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Random Wednesday {What Snow?}

So, today was supposed to be a big snow storm. It turned out to be a big snow fail! Since I'm dreaming of snow (or really, getting off work), here are a few pics from "Snowmageddon", the last time we got actual snow!

This week has been another slow blogging week. I honestly didn't have much to write about my weekend! We just hung out, relaxed, cleaned, and ran some errands. I did do something I thought I would never do. Returned a dress to Nordstrom. I'm ashamed to admit when I actually bought the dress, but it was a WHILE ago. It was $150. I can't even fathom spending that much on a dress now... my priorities have shifted a bit. This was for a wedding, but that's just way more than I would regularly spend. I never ended up wearing that dress, and didn't wear another dress I also bought for the same occasion. I kept the tags on both dresses. I was amazed that Nordstrom has just about no return policy and I became $150 richer! Amazing. 
The other dress was from Nordstrom Rack, which has a 30 day return policy so I'm selling it on Tradesy. Check it out! If you're interested, I'll even lower the price and sell it through PayPal. I really just want to get it out of my closet before we move.

Cachet Style #: 46190, Acetate, Nylon, Spandex, bandage, sleeveless Dress
The dress for sale! It looks extra wrinkled because of the material, but I promise it looks great in person.
I know selling clothes online has become super popular lately. Have you done this before and been successful? Usually I just donate clothes to Goodwill, in fact, I have a big bag of clothes in my garage just waiting to be donated. 

That's my bit of "random" for today. It's been another busy always, I'm so looking forward to the weekend. Only 2 more days of work!! Linking up with Shanna, of course!


  1. Love that you guys have all that snow! I'm so excited! :)


  2. We have tons of snow here today. Pretty sad that it's our first and only snowstorm and it's March! Weird. :)

    And that's awesome that you got a refund for the dress! I would figure Nordstrom to be a place that would give you a hard time about it, but glad to hear it's not! :)

  3. haha, Just thinking about even the possibility of snow makes me want to run outside and throw up my hands with glee! haha! Now if only I was a size 4...and actually had somewhere to wear such a fancy dress ;)

  4. Hmmm....I'd buy the dress, but you know Leigh and I are on a budget and she'd probably smack me if I spent the money....oh, and that little mishap that caused us to buy new tires. I think I need to look into selling clothes online...I have some that might actually sell.

  5. I actually sell clothes on Ebay to make some extra spending money. It can suck sometimes because there isnt a lot of profit.

    Btw, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. (


  6. We got a mini snowmageddon yesterday in Chicago. It snowed all day and we got about 10 inches, but everything is a-ok today. All of the kids in our neighborhood were so freaking excited and all at the park building snowmen. I was pretty darn happy staying in my pajamas all day. Oh wait, I'm a stay at home mom...I do that most days!

  7. You are so cute in the snow!!! I really need to start selling some clothes online so if that works out for you let me know!!

  8. we got a lot of snow the other day - I hope it melts soon because I am so ready for spring!!!

  9. Way more snow that I've had all winter! jealous!

  10. So pretty! We only got snow twice this year and it didn't last very long. :-/
    Looks beautiful where you are though! Maybe it will snow again soon for you guys?
    Have a beautiful day!


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