Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Random Wednesday {Sharing and Asking Questions}

This past weekend was a busy and great weekend- my little baby brother Jake had his bar mitzvah! To say I'm proud is an understatement. Here are a few pictures from the weekend...

Squinty eyes. It was so sunny!
Look at that amazing cake!

Ben & Zach (my brothers)
The man of the weekend... Jake! He was obviously thrilled about all the pictures being taken that day.
It was great to see so many family members who came from out of town and it was wonderful to spend time with everyone together while witnessing this exciting event. Chris got to meet a lot of my extended family for the first time... even though we've been dating 6.5 years we haven't had a big family event like this in a while. We missed my grandparents who couldn't be there due to health reasons (please keep them in your thoughts/prayers!)
There will definitely be more pictures when we get the roll from the photographer. I wish I could live this weekend over again! (although I'm sure Jake is glad it's over)

Moving on...
While updating my recipes index, a thought crossed my mind.

Does anyone ever make the recipes I post here? Not just Pin them... I mean, actually make them. I'd really like to know. So, please give me the honest truth! 

Have you tried something you saw here? Have you wanted to but it was too complicated or my directions didn't make sense? TELL ME!!!

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  1. I do! I made the key lime pie!

  2. Gonna make that Mediterranean salad... soon... well, as soon as we get summer-like weather. Been 60-65 degrees with little-to-no sun here in southern Minnesota. Dang.

    WhenI read your first two sentences and then looked at the first picture... I was so confused!!!! Thought that guy looked a little old for a bar mitzvah! I figured it out...


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