Friday, June 7, 2013

June's Been Pretty Great so Far...

Is anyone else in disbelief that it's June? This week was a busy one seeing as my last two weekends have been 3 days long!  In my opinion, I should get Monday and Friday off work every week. Give me one good reason why not. ok, don't. I know I won't win this one.

Here are my five highlights from the week...

1. I liked my outfit. I realized I take pictures of my outfits, not to look glam, but to remember them for future times where I have no clue what to wear. Yes, I may be a "blogger" but I will never ever be comfortable taking "outfit pictures". Ever. obviously I love this necklace because I'm wearing it in my sidebar pic, too. thanks to Chris' mom!

necklace: limited / sweater: gap / pants and sandals: kohl's?
2. This recipe. Mediterranean Pasta Salad was a hit in our house this week.

3.Costco trip. Not only did we find some amaze deals, like a HUGE bag of tostito scoops for $4 and the best kale salad (this blog post describes it perfectly!), we saw a woman try on a pair of shorts in the middle of the clothing section. And by "saw" I mean stared with our mouths open and ran away laughing like little kids because it was hilarious. Hint for next time, lady: Buy two sizes. Return one. Save yourself the humiliation (except I don't think she cared one bit).

4. Who doesn't love a cat picture? Despite being extremely allergic, I love my mom's cats. Apparently Apollo didn't want Ben to go back to LA over the weekend. This is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend so I just had to share.

oh, you got that out just for me?
 5. I sent in my application for my LCSW-C (clinical social work license!) I've been waiting almost 3 years since I earned my Masters to be able to earn this license! The last 3 years have consisted on working my butt off and going through hell and back...sometimes wishing I never chose this career and loving it at the same time. I am so proud of myself and am excited that I'm so close to this goal. Now I need to wait for everything to be approved and STUDY!!!

Happy Weekend! Linking up with Lauren.


  1. Aww the kitty is too cute! I do love that necklace on you, it's so pretty. I like the whole outfit actually!

  2. omg the kitty! I haven't seen my cat in over SIX MONTHS and i'm dying.
    also, congrats on the LCSW app!!
    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  3. Good luck on the licensing process. (Can you tell I'm catching up on my blog reading tonight?)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hello! I'm stopping by from H54F. I was so happy to see your number 5 on your post because I have been considering getting my masters in either social work or some type of counseling! I wish you the best of luck with your application!!

  5. I've started taking pictures of my favorite outfits for my own personal reference, too. hehe. I can never think of any good clothing combinations when I'm frazzled in the morning, so it can be helpful.

  6. That looks amazing! Hope you have a beautifully blessed week. :)

    Jayma |

  7. i love that necklace! and that salad looks delicious!


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