Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Update!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 
We had a fun and eventful one for the most part.

On Friday we went on a Haunted Pub Crawl in Annapolis.
It was a lot of fun! 
We didn't see any least I don't think so!

We visited several bars and a cemetery  We got drinks at each one and our tour guide told us stories about the ghosts that haunt each building.

at the cemetary... see any ghosts? 
(that's our tour guide.. she was awesome)

After a fun night, we took it easy the rest of the weekend.
We watched some movies... including Friends with Kids and Wanderlust. I really liked them both!

Sunday was football day, so we made potato skins for the game and then chili for dinner.
(Yeah Redskins!)

Yum! It was turkey chili, so a little more healthy than regular chili.
If anyone's interested in the recipe, I can figure it out and post it (We kind of just threw it together).
It was a little spicy but sooo good. The best part? Having tons of leftovers to freeze for an easy future dinner.

I also got a Klout perk... Essie Stylenomics nail polish!
It's a dark green, which is currently on my toes. 
I wasn't sure if I'd like it for my fingers (green polish kind of weirds me out) but I love it as a pedi! 
I'm not posting a picture of my toes. So, here's what the polish looks like...

Linking up with Sami, Dana, and Leeann for Weekend Update!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. That pub crawl looks so awesome and spooky!! Yum on that chili. And green polish on my fingers freaks me out too! I got some for my birthday that looked taupe and when I put it on my fingers it was like, a army green color and really skeeved me out. I took it off after two days of intense deliberation.

  2. I keep trying to get that perk and it always shows up as full! I love that color - I'm dying to try it!

    The pub crawl sounds like fun! And yay for football!!!

  3. Thank goodness the Skins pulled it off!! We are doing Markoff's Haunted Forest next weekend - have you ever done that?? Probably too far from you?

  4. That haunted pub crawl looks like fun, perfect for fall!

  5. You were definately in my neck of the woods for your pub crawl. We live about 5 miles at the most from downtown. I love it down there! Skins are looking good this year, though I am a Ravens fan, but the skins would be my #2! We have to support our local teams, lol!

  6. Haunted pub crawl?! I want to go!! That chili looks awesome, I really want some now...

  7. Totally unrelated to your post :) That paper you used on the coasters. I have it too....and was contemplating coasters with it! LoL
    As for the pub crawl - I'm coming next year. We don't have things like that here, and nothing as great as East Coast ghost tours.
    That chili looks fab! and freezing leftovers is perfect! I live on them during school.

  8. wow i need to make some chili like that! it looks so yummy! super cute blog girl! glad i stopped by from the link up! happy mon!

  9. The ghost tour looks SO COOL!!! I'm so jealous!

  10. I love ghost tours!!! This one looks really fun...and great that you had an awesome tour guide.

  11. I'm pretty sure that would scare me! we recently saw both of those movies too! and yummm for chili! favorite fall recipe!


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