Friday, October 26, 2012


Happy Friday!
Or is it? We're actually, finally, moving this weekend.
I'm a little nervous for the upcoming mess/disorganization, but thankfully we're just moving up the street. Not letting myself get stressed about this one.

I'm even going out for Girls night tonight, in the midst of moving. 
Chris is pretty awesome to be okay with that, given he'll be moving stuff while I'm out.
To be fair, girls night has been planned for a month and we had no idea when we were the final word on Wednesday.
 I also don't get many girls nights, so I'm not about to miss out. 
It's just not happening!

I bet I'll have some interesting stories on Monday. Or not, because we won't have tv/internet for a few days. Hopefully one of our new neighbors has an open wi-fi network ;)

We're not totally packed but have a few days so will just be going back and forth a lot. This was my progress the other day...

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Well, at least I got it all out of the cabinet. 
I usually get so stressed about these things but have had so much other stuff going on, moving has kind of been put on the back burner.

I really don't have any other pictures from the week. It's flown by. I can't believe how quickly things change. Life's pretty crazy like that sometimes.

So, this is probably the most boring post of all time.
I did buy new skinny cords, and then realized they're not too different than the color of my skin. It looks like I'm wearing no pants, so that's cool.
Good thing I don't care and am wearing them anyway.

(Cords: LC by Lauren Conrad (Kohl's), Top: Limited, Scarf: Gap, Flats: Lucky Brand)

Happy Friday loves!!! Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. There is nothing like a girls night to clear your mind and make you forget about the little things piling up :) Enjoy the weekend (and the move)!

  2. have so much fun at your girls night!! good luck with your move!!

  3. Yay for girls night! I'm going out tonight too :) And also YAY for moving, finally!! I love those cords. Hopefully I get this new job so I can start shopping again. Haha. <3

  4. HA! I love the naked look ;) Good luck with the move! At least it's finally happening!

  5. YAY Moving!! Finally!
    Enjoy your girls night and your new place!

  6. You are so funny! I love the color of your cords! They're great! And this is so not the most boring post ever!

    Congratulations on finally moving, good luck with the move and have a fabulous girls night!

  7. The pants are super cute! And they don't seem to match your skin tone too much. As long as you dont make this mistake you're good:

    I wish I could pull of skinny jeans. Every time I try them on, they look so ridiculous!

  8. Have fun at girls night!

    Those cords are cute! I don't think they look skin toned!

  9. Cute outfit! And totally random- but I adore your coffee mug!


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