Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Update

I'm a strong believer that for every couple busy weekends, I really need a weekend to relax! 
This weekend was just that. 
We caught up on housework, errands, and all that fun stuff. 
Chris and I even got library cards for the county we now live in, and that was super exciting. I was like a little kid and immediately picked up 3 books and wanted more.
I've been trying to read more, and with hardly any tv on during summer, it's the perfect time.
I read "Room" in less than 24 hours. 

I literally couldn't put it down. 
I've heard great things about this book, but honestly I don't usually like reading books like this because of my job. I'm glad I took a chance on this one because I won't forget it anytime soon.

We also went furniture shopping. Ugh. We need a couch for the 2nd bedroom/office and are limited with space so it's been fun trying to find something. There were a couple possibilities but we didn't buy anything just yet. During our drive around the area, I saw this old Arby's sign. So cool!

I don't know why I love old things like this.

Then on Sunday, a miracle happened.
I finally cut my hair.
Yeah, it's been a while, I get pretty attached to my long hair. However, with an upcoming trip and being so darn tired of styling it, I decided to chop! What do you think? (See my sidebar pic for how long my hair was just a couple weeks ago)

So, speaking of that upcoming trip. On a completely last minute whim, I decided to join my Mom and little brother Jake on a trip to Disney World. 
I managed to find a cheap plane ticket and the hotel is already booked. 
I felt extremely guilty about it at first, because I never do anything like this. I plan trips out months ahead of time, save money, and all of that. Luckily with my promotion and a couple other things that fell into place last week, I decided it was possible and something I couldn't pass up.
I was already a little bummed out because most of my family is in California right now for my Grandfather's birthday. I couldn't go because plane tickets were ridiculous and I didn't know about my job situation when tickets were being booked. However, Chris and I are going to CA in the fall to see everyone so we'll make up for missing this trip.
I am pretty disappointed that Chris can't go to Disney too, but he doesn't have as much vacation time (I have 3 weeks!) and it was just too last-minute.
I'm so excited to spend time with my mom and Jake. I don't get to see them enough and I think this will be a trip that none of us will ever forget.
Disney World, Disney World, Disney World!

So as I approach this full week of work, I'm just going to be wishing that it was next week already. I should probably make a packing list and make a trip to Target...

Since I'll be away for a week, is anyone interested in guest posting? I know, I'm not giving you much notice. I'll be gone next Wednesday 8/15-the next Wednesday 8/22 so if anyone is interested please let me know!

Of course, linking up with Sami, Dana, and Leeann for Weekend Update!

I almost forgot to mention this, how is that even possible?
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I'm so excited to be sponsoring Niki this month. She is one of the first bloggers I "met" and is seriously so sweet. Welcome to my new readers as well! I hope you like it here :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I picked up Room at the bookstore last week and couldn't decide about it and decided not to get it. I think you've convinced me that it's worth the read. Thanks!

  2. I love your hair - it looks so fresh and light! Ok, so Room has been on my 'must read' list for a while now, I better go pick it up.

  3. Love the haircut! It looks great!! So jealous you're going to disney world :P you're going to have such a great time.

  4. i read room a couple years ago i think? maybe it was last year? but omg. i couldn't. i can't even.
    it was a little difficult to read from the perspective of a five year old... but it definitely got read in less than a day.

  5. your hair looks amazing! I need to get mine cut too! I should definitely read Room! Happy monday :)

  6. So jealous of your spontaneous trip to Disney World! I haven't been there in so long and I am dying to go back! Sometimes it's great to just do something spontaneous like that. Your haircut looks great! Thanks for linking up :)

  7. I love your haircut! And I'm so jealous of your trip to Disney World, Pretty Girl is going to love seeing the pictures. ;)

  8. Glad you had a quiet weekend to relax. Sometimes life gets so busy that it's good to have a weekend of absolutely nothing. Have so much fun at Disney! Visiting from the link up.


  9. haha - love that Arby's sign, it's so old school! I might have to try reading that book, I haven't heard of it before! I typically don't like reading, but every since I got my Kindle I've been doing a little better. Stuck on book 1 of 50 shades of gray right now...

  10. I should read that book. I've heard mixed opinions....but I like a good read. Maybe after I finish 50 Shades of Grey....
    We have a couple of those old school Arby's signs around town here, and they make me so happy. I love old, and I really feel like if it's not broken, they don't need to fix it!

  11. I'll have to grab that book, nice blog by the way!

  12. Sometimes doing nothing is the BEST!

    Your hair looks cute! And have fun at DisneyWorld!!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  13. Your hair looks amazing. And even though it's shorter, it's still long and beautiful. I'm so jealous of your relaxing weekend and your upcoming trip. Have a wonderful time :)

  14. YAY! I'm so excited for you to get to go on a whim with your Mom and brother! That will be so nice!


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