Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Update

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Ugh, it's Monday now... let's just not talk about that.
This weekend... hmm I felt like we spent a lot of it in the car running around doing errands, driving to Chris' family's house to sleep, and fun stuff like that. 

Hobby Lobby and Homegoods... I couldn't resist all your fall cuteness. We finally bought pasta bowls, I got a really great smelling candle... It's officially (well, not technically) fall.
Plus, today was the first Redskins game of the season! Yep, feels like fall to me!
And we won. Chris will be in a great mood all week!

Let's talk about the whole "driving somewhere else to sleep" thing. 
We have nightmare neighbors who live above us. They are extremely inconsiderate and rude 24/7. Not only do they walk loudly all the time, they stomp even louder when they know we're home. Sometimes, we are woken up in the middle of the night by them doing...well, you know. Gross. They pretty much never sleep and are up around 4 or 5am every day slamming around. Chris can't even sleep in the master bedroom most of the time because of the noise. I can sleep through some of it, luckily. 
A month ago, things became uncontrollable. We heard them screaming off the balcony at 1:30am, slamming around, etc so we called the police. 3 times. It did nothing. The noise actually got worse and lasted until 5am.
Our leasing office will only offer to move us (at our expense) to a different unit. Several times we have agreed to do this, and then they stop responding to us. Basically, the landlords are doing nothing. It's frustrating and ridiculous. 
Right now we're exploring our options and hopefully will be leaving soon. We've done everything we possibly could in this situation and are just done. So, when the noise started up again Saturday night, we hightailed it out of there. Obviously, calling the police does nothing so leaving was our only option.
It's extremely frustrating to not be able to stay in our apartment which we pay for, especially an apartment that we love and have put so much time into decorating...without the noise problem, we'd probably stay for at least another year. 
So, that was a total sidetrack. Has anyone else had similar experiences? (I hope not. I wouldn't wish this on anyone!) If so...What did you do in this situation?

Besides all that nonsense, it was a good weekend and I think we've both finally gotten rid of colds. And... I worked on my first ever giveaway coming up in a few days! I'm so excited. 

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  1. Ugh - that sucks about your apartment! My hairstylist is in a similar situation and it sounds horrible! On another note I need to buy some fall decor Home Goods is one of my FAVE stores!

  2. I have no more advice, it sounds like you have tried everything, but good luck with them! I also got really excited to get out my fall candles this weekend - fall is definitely here with this weather!

  3. Inconsiderate neighbors are the WORST! I had a similar experience a couple of years ago, and there was pretty much nothing I could do about it. They worked odd hours, so the noise wasn't contained to the weekends; they partied VERY loudly throughout the week as well. So I know it's frustrating. It doesn't sound like your landlord is helping at all, so I'd say get out of there ASAP! Maybe even check to see if you can sublease the place so you don't have to stay for your whole lease term. Best of luck!

  4. That is awful the police and leasing people aren't helping!! The police should definitely come out. I hope the situation changes!

  5. So we had these neighbors in the only apartment Dustin and I have shared. They liked to vacuum at 2 am. Throw dog toys so their dog was running up and down the apartment. They lived above us. Constant noise, but thankfully, our leasing office offered to move us as soon as our same apartment became available in another building. We ended up moving before that anyway, but what we did start doing was taking the broom, or mop, or something, and just banging on the ceiling at random times. Finally the lady came down and asked what we were thinking - and Dustin replied, "Well, you vacuum at 2 am and your dog sounds like an elephant, so I was just repaying the favor. We didn't think you'd mind since you bother us daily."
    She never vacuumed at an ungodly hour again, and they stopped throwing their dogs toys in the house. Obvi, this probably would only make things worse with your neighbors. Hopefully, you can move out soon!
    I'm getting my fall stuff out today - I am soooo excited! :)

  6. Wow that is so crappy about your neighbors :( I would be aggravated too! What a nightmare. On a good note, yay for your fall candle!

  7. That is so irritating about your neighbors! Sometimes I feel like we are nightmare neighbors, but not from like...fighting or wild parties or other unmentionables. Luckily we have pretty nice people under us. I love all the fall decor too!!!

  8. Ugh! I'm a Saints fans so I'll ignore the top portion of this post ;)

    That is miserable about your neighbors. So not OK. Your landlord should do something. JERKS!

    Sorry you have to deal with that.

    Thanks for linking up!

  9. UGH that is absolutely awful! How some people can be so rude, I will never understand. Obviously any confrontation hasn't worked, so my next step would totally be passive agressive retaliation. Childish? Yes. But you'll feel better! :) I would start being obnoxiously loud when they are being quiet. Like, put my stereo full blast and then leave for hours.
    Legally, your lease probably has provisions about safety, noise, comfort, all of that, so you should be able to get out of it if you find a place, and not have to pay any remainder. Good luck!

  10. Aw I'm so sorry to hear that your housing situation has gone sour. That really and truly sucks. On a lighter note, fall always gets me in the mood for great scented candles. I went out and bought some too!

  11. that sucks about all the noise going on above your place. we have the same issue- only it's our actual landlord who lives above us. she stomps around in heels all the time. also pretty sure she moves furniture around in the middle of the night! It doesn't help that her teenage daughter is a total shit, too- she blares dubstep music allll the time....

    basically, what I'm saying is, I feel your pain, haha. :)

  12. Ugh that's a bummer about your neighbors. Not fun at all. Hopefully you guys find a solution. I'm jealous that you got to Hobby Lobby and Homegoods...can't wait to see what stuff they have! Popping over from Weekend Update.


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