Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Wreath

Creativity + $10 = this beautiful wreath!

I was inspired, as always, by beautiful wreaths on Pinterest and Etsy. I knew I could make something similar so I took a stab at it and here's what I got!

I visited my favorite store, Hobby Lobby, for the materials!
A little background on my Hobby Lobby discovery... 
I just moved to a new area a couple months ago. I now live about 15 minutes away from my college roomie and good friend Katie. This means shopping trips which is dangerous for us. We discovered Hobby Lobby and were in HEAVEN! I literally wanted to buy out the entire store in one trip. I used my self restraint and ended up going back a month or so later to get the supplies for this wreath. By the way, there are weekly coupons you can print so check out their website before you visit!

Here's the (approximate) breakdown:

Wreath: $5
Wreath hanger: $3
Felt sheets: $1 each x3
Wire: $1

Ok that's a little more than $10 when you add up all the felt, but this is stuff you might have lying around your house.

I didn't think to take pictures along the way but next time I make one I will! In the meantime here is a website I used to learn how to make the flowers:

How to make the felt flowers

As far as attaching the flowers to the wreath: Once the glue is dry on the flowers, turn them upside down and hot glue a piece of wire to the back. I then stuck a small piece of felt to the glue so the wire is almost invisible except for the ends sticking out. Then stick them into your wreath in any design!

I love this because I can take the flowers out anytime, rearrange them, add more, etc. That way I don't need to keep buying a new wreath every time I want a different look. I definitely prefer a more "full" look so I'll add a few flowers when I have the time. I'd say this was pretty good for my first "DIY wreath"!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow! $10! That is awesome! and we love the interchangeable flowers. This is really cute. Thanks for sharing your ideas on "Strut Your Stuff" Saturday! We hope to see you again! -The Sisters


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