Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ombre Nails

I know this has nothing to do with baking. Or advice. I've decided to just write whatever I feel like writing.. And today that was nail polish.

I couldn't decide which pink shade to paint my nails. So, I did a few, getting gradually lighter to white on the thumb.

Here are the shades of polish I used!

L-R: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry/Presto Pink, Ulta/Heirhead, Essie/A crewed interest, Essie/limo-scene, Elf/white*

*Not the best polish but it was the only white shade I had. Normally Elf nail polish works okay but only lasts a season or so before becoming difficult to apply. However, I LOVE Elf's nail polish remover pads (only $2 each and they don't smell like polish remover. Amazing)

Happy nail painting!


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