Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Beginning!

I've been wanting to start a blog for a while, but I was stuck on what it would be about.
I mentioned this to Chris (boyfriend of ~4 years)- I said that I wanted to start a blog about baking.
His response: "Like 'Julie and Julia'?"
"Well you would only update it about 4 times a year". 
He follows, "Are you going to take pictures of the brownies that you make from a box?"
Ok, so I'm not the biggest baker. I'm not one of those typical blogging bakers; those stay-at-home moms who sew, craft, and bake. They do everything that I would like to be doing with my time instead of working full-time and feeling like I'll drop dead when I enter the door at whatever time at night. In fact, I'm not a mom, not married; just a 20-something living in a apartment in the city working as a social worker. 

Yes, I'm proud of my career. I've worked hard for it and just recently finished my Masters degree. Feeling like my life is sometimes consumed with work, I felt I needed a hobby.

Here it is! My random kind-of-baking blog that WILL be updated more than 4 times a year- I'll prove Chris wrong! ;)

I started "baking" in middle school- cake mixes from a box, then cakes from scratch (not too successful on that one), and ALWAYS my mom's Banana Bread recipe (Pretty sure this came from her mother- Mom can you clarify?)Best friend Liz and I discovered that in this recipe, sugar is not considered a "dry ingredient" and should instead be creamed with the butter, THEN mixed with the "dry ingredients". Mom still likes to talk about this mishap. Oops. Lesson learned. (The banana bread turned out great, by the way)

Baking is relaxing for me. I spend all day helping other people with their problems and teaching them better ways to cope with their lives. I sometimes lose sight of this for myself, but baking, along with the support of a pretty great guy, help me stay grounded and sane :)

So, what I'm thinking is that I could combine the two. Sharing what I bake and how it helps me may inspire others, and that's the type of blog I would like to have. Then the name came to me- "Sugar, Spice, and a Dash of Advice".

What do you think?  

My next post will be the cupcakes I baked tonight while thinking about making this blog. Enjoy :)


  1. First of what Chris said about you only updating it 4 times a year, he deserves a hearty BITE ME from you! ;-) I'm sure you'll manage to update it at least 5 times!

    Yes, the banana bread recipe is from my mom. :-) And I LOVE the whole "sugar is a dry ingredient" and Liz were in a panic, running downstairs telling me what happened! MEMORIES! Just never know how and when they're going to be made!

  2. Consider yourself bookmarked!!

    Looking forward to making the cupcakes. :)

  3. Thanks! They are so yummy- just ate another! I'll definitely be making the banana bread soon too!

  4. I anxiously await that fresh pumpkin pie. I know you can do it!

  5. YAY! I remember us making banana bread! I think I might make some cookies later.


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